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Innova Champion
Standard Bag

Posted 03-13-07
Submitted by Chet mymonkeysuncle@hotmail.com
Review: I'm not the best frolfer, and maybe I don't know everything about disc bags, but I think this bag is great for me. It's easy to bring around the course, I like the strap it's not itchy and it doesn't feel out of place when on the shoulder. The bag is cheaper then a lot, and I believe that it's well worth your money. Yes, it is pretty basic it has: towel handle, three extra pockets, a pop carrier,adjustable strap, and a removable disc divider. I read the other reports about the bag, and I thought I'd share some of the up sides of it...But I agree about the tipping part...when you set it down it does fall over. If anyone buys it...be cautious to not to lose your discs. And the ripping...I have a miner rip on the inside of the bag where the Velcro is attached from the divider to the bag. Other then that though, it's good to begin with. It holds about nine-ten discs with the divider, (max) and without about 11-12 ( I've never done it though).
Posted 08-09-05
Submitted by Anonymous Location: Ames, IA
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 350
Disc Weights: 170-180
Review: I purchased this bag about a year ago and I really enjoyed having it compared to not having a bag at all but I felt like I wanted to bring more discs than my bag could hold and it was kind of annoying trying to cram a bunch of discs (10-12) into this small bag. My discs fall out a lot when I set my bag on a hill and it gets lots of dirt on the inside very easily. I plan on upgrading as soon as I place high enough in a tournament to "win" a newer bigger bag. I recommend this to any beginner than only has about 6-10 discs and is not overly serious about disc golf. If you plan on carring more than 10 discs at any time in your disc golf career than you should just go for the bigger bag right away.
Posted: 6-05-03
Submitted by stefan@chainseeker.com
I bought the Innova Standard bag about a year and a half ago because I wasn't sure I wanted to be carrying a large bag around. I was looking specifically for a bag that had a few extra features without all the added bulk. The first thing I did when I got it was to cut off the shoulder strap, which was totally useless, and stitch on an adjustable strap with a moveable shoulder pad. That helped make the bag much more useable. Disc accessibility is very good, and I like how you can roll up the lid and secure it with velcro to keep it out of the way. That being said, it's time for an upgrade. I've outgrown the bag and I have some complaints about the positioning of some of the elements.

Towel Ring.
As far as I'm concerned, the towel ring needs to be in the front. I clean my discs as I move between holes, so the rear position of the ring is not at all handy (I wear my bag on my right shoulder....maybe I'm crazy).

Drink Holder.
The drink holder is too big and bulky. Any drink that would fill that drink holder would be so heavy that the bag would flip over and empty out because of balance issues.

Inner Divider.
At this point, the inner divider is starting to rip. Perhaps it should be stitched more than just at the top.

Disc Dumping.
Lastly, the bag almost always tips over when I set it down, dumping my discs down hills, out in the mud and rain, or whatever. It's highly irritating. This might be a side effect of a small bag, but this is the only small bag I've used, so it is hard to know for sure.

I've recently decided to suck it up and embrace the big bag. I'm going with the Gateway Tour bag (big enough for all my discs, better construction, more flexible). I'll post a review when I'm settled in.
Posted: 2-17-02
Submitted by jsglerum@hotmail.com
The Innova Standard Bag was the first bag that I purchased, and have continued to use on occasion despite purchasing a larger bag. The interior divider tore after several months of use (likely due to trying to cram more discs into it) but I ended up tearing it out totally and folding it up at the bottom of the bag. The bag retained it's structural integrity, and ended up fitting an extra disc, so no big loss. It is lightweight and great for a quick round or as a travelling companion. Not much extra storage space, so if you're looking to carry a bunch of other stuff this isn't your bag. But if you're looking for a sturdy, attractive and functional bag that holds 12-15 discs, this is a great bag.
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