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Deluxe Tour Bag

Posted 08-27-05
Submitted by Street jhistreet-discgolf@yahoo.com
Disc Weights: 170
Review: Great bag for the money. My neighbor has had one for 3 years and it is as good as new. He and I both play at least once a week. This is a bigger bag but not rediculously huge. It holds what they say and more because you can fit a few on the sides of the accordian as well as the 20+ in it. Not to mention the two putter pockets on the side often carry about 6 discs of mine that I use most as I move them out there when I start playing for easy access. I would recommed dual straps simply becasue the one they give you can twist around a bit, but is very usable. Great bag and unheard of price at $35 compared to similar that are 2x as much.
Posted 08-12-05
Submitted by Anonymous Review: This bag was the envy of all my pro disc golf buddies. They had Innova and Gateway bags, and all collectivly crapped when they found out I got it for $35 Dollars. This thing has more pockets, and a great hidden zipper. Easily holds 20 discs in the main compartment, 2 in a round pocket,and 3 in the other 2 pockets. Includes a mini pocket and a putter pocket. More discs can be crammed in but i tend to stay near the 18 disc bag max total. This leaves room for knife, rope, first aide, and extra water storage beside the water bottle pocket. Holds a huge nalgene bottle with no problems.
Posted: 09-29-02
Submittedy by: Danny Reeves dlreeve@uark.edu
The Lightning Deluxe Tour bag is very large and holds 18 discs in the main compartment. It comes with an acordion like divider that is great for keeping the discs sorted. It has many different outside pockets to hold different personal items, fluids, or extra discs. However, I would not recommend this bag to anyone who plans to carry around 20 discs and a couple bottles of water. It is not very durable at all and my bag started ripping from weight after only 2 weeks! It is a lot cheaper than some other bags of it's size but still a waste of money when you have to throw it away after a month and get something durable.
Posted: 04-02-02
Submitted by W.Dan Houck <wdanlor@pacific.net>
I admit it, I'm a duffer. The majority of my disc budget goes to replacing the discs I am so adept at losing. I play four or five times a month at most, though my buddies and I are fashioning our own course from the flotsam and jetsam from the brewery we work at. I must confess that the biggest selling point for my purchase of the deluxe tour bag was the fact that it holds a six pack alongside my quiver of nine discs. The accordion holder can handle double my discs for a total of eighteen but the empty spaces fold up nicely for your preferred beverage, lunch or whatnot. There are two large zippered pouches on either end that handle lunch, towels, the empty beer bottles and the odd bit of course litter quite well. The insulated water bottle carrier fits a 1 litter quite well though it hangs precariously when the zippered pouch at that end is not zippered. There are two score card and pencil holders as well as a pair of pockets along either side of the body of the bag for programs, course maps, rolling papers and other schwag. There is also a zippered putter pouch that is conveniently located at the opposite end of the water bottle. The whole affair Velcro's and zippers shut for easy transport through the airport. The adjustable strap has a floating pad that is somewhat comfortable on long hauls as well as swivel attachments at the bag for a minimum of tangling. In the many roughs I find myself a stiffening board in the bottom of the bag provides a stable spot from which to select a disc and inwhich I can count on a stable spot to put my beer. Scrambling out of said roughs my beverage holds its own and seldom spills when it is nestled in alongside my discs. There is a large flap that zippers and velcro's shut over the discs but that stays out of the way when folded back for easy disc access. This bag cost me $60.00 and it has been well worth it for the money I charge for beer out on the course alone!
Posted: 04-27-02
By Blake Takkunen - the Webmaster - <blake@discgolf.com>
My Review:
The Lightning Deluxe Tour bag is a large capacity bag with lots of extra storage space and features. It has a nylon shoulder strap with sliding pad, a small velcro pocket, insulated drink holder, a good-sized round zippered pocket, 2 large external pockets, 2 pockets for minis, and 2 large zippered pockets. Internally, the bag features a folding accordian style divider and a stiff, vinyl-covered removable base plate. Size-wise this bag compares to the GDS Tour bag. Lots of extra storage and enough room to carry a large arsenal of discs. The internal capcity of the accordian divider is 18 discs and each of the 2 open external pockets could easily hold a disc or 2. The large pockets could hold 2-3 discs each or other items, shirts, towels, etc. The realistic disc capacity of this bag is around 20-25 discs. When I compare it's construction to the Lightning Prostyle Bag, I can say the Deluxe Tour is definitely a step up on the quality front. The material is a nylon/vinyl blend and the seams in the "problem areas" are definitely stitched better. This bag shouldn't have the constant/repeated tear problems of the Prostyle. At a price of $40-50, this bag definitely provides a lot of bang for the buck when compared to other bags in its class and price range. Although the accordian divider and base plate do not provide nearly the support that a PVC internal frame can provide, the Deluxe Tour Bag comes in at half the price of any of the comperably sized bags with frames. This bag isn't light by any means, but that's contributed more by the weight of the discs than the bag itself. I have not given this bag the wear and tear of many rounds yet so I can't comment on its durability.
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