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Prostyle Bag

Posted 09-10-05
Submitted by David Swartwood calvarycoffee@juno.com
Location: Mason City, Iowa
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 300
Review: some quick thoughts on this bag: I have been using the Lightning Prostyle Bag since 2001. It's fulfilled it purpose for carrying discs. The outside of the bag it great: durable material and great features. Insulated drink holder is well placed for when you have one free hand only. Pockets (unzippered ones) are great. The bag can easily fit under an airplane seat or overhead bin. One the other hand, the inside of the bag is terrible. It's made of a flimsy, silk-like material and has ripped at both ends. The dividers can be placed in either direction. but the dividers are of the same flimsey material also. My discs, while inside the bag, do not stand up very well. whether few discs or many, they slant and are difficult to find or remove. They domino on top of each other. And if the divider is in 90 degrees, the whole bag had a tendency to fall over while on the ground. I've replaced the strap on it. The original was too slick and fell off my shoulder. It required a tense shoulder to stay put- which was a fatigueing factor during play. I would recommed this bag for the weekend golfer, but not for the die-hards. I will be replacing it soon- this bag wears out too fast on the inside!!
Posted: 8-24-04
Submitted by Ken Gilmore ken@gilbuddy.com
I received the bag as a gift and had not given it a whole lot of use before both ends of the bag ripped apart (where the end pockets are separated from the main part of the bag). I would not recommend this bag because of its poor durability, despites its cheap(er) price. Although the bag is still mostly usable, the according disc separator has nothing to provide it support anymore, and consequently only 2 of the 4 sections are easily accessible (the other 2 have kind of collapsed with nothing there to support them).
Posted: 07-18-01
By Blake Takkunen - the Webmaster - <blake@discgolf.com>
My Review:
The Lightning Prostyle Bag is a fairly large capacity bag with many features for an affordable price. The bag has 2 large zippered external pockets, 1 medium sized external zippered pocket, and 1 small internal zippered pocket. The Prostyle also features an insulated drink holder that can easily hold 32-44oz. containers, a pen and scorecard pocket, external pocket for a putter, and an external pocket for a mini. The bag comes with 4 dividers in a removable velcro accordian-type structure that can be installed length-wise or width-wise. When the dividers are in length-wise they each section could hold 4 small diameter drivers with ease but larger diameter discs and discs with higher domes reduce that space. For example, placing 4 Aviars in one divided section is stretching it, but 2 Aviars and 1 Roc is possible. This gives this configuration a realistic capacity of around 15 discs internally not including the large zippered pockets or the putter pocket. With the dividers installed width-wise the realistic capacity is 9-12 in the dividers and 2-3 discs next to the dividers. The bag will also function with the dividers removed if you need room for an extra disc or two. I have one issue with this bag. The seams separating the large zippered pockets from the insides of the bag are fairly cheap. I puchased the bag and in 2 weeks and it had torn on the side opposite the small internal zippered pocket where the stiching was not reinforced. I brought this up at the store where I purchased it this year and he immediately replaced it saying that it was just a fluke probably. 10 days later the new bag tore in the same spot. This did not effect the usefulness of the bag but was moderately frustrating. I will say however, that for the price this bag has the largest number of features and highest carrying capacity of any bag out there. Next year I think I will drop the money on a GDS but I will have to see how many discs I'm carrying as I like to carry spares.
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