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Wall City
Disc Pal
Posted 07-01-06
Submitted by Adam asgubar@comcast.net
Location: New Jersey
Level: Amateur
Review: This bag is an inexpensive, entry-level accessory suitable for beginners or the recreational player. It is solidly built with everything the beginning disc golfer needs to keep their discs and incidentals together. However, while this bag is an excellent first bag for anyone starting out, it is also quickly outgrown.

The bag is constructed of a light weight nylon fabric which is well sewn and finished. It is comprised of a zippered main compartment which comfortably holds 10 discs, as well as front and back mesh pockets for putters or mini discs. There is also a zipper pocket between the rear mesh pocket and the main compartment for miscellaneous items such as keys or score cards; as well as a large mesh bottle sleeve on one side and a plastic ring at the base of one end of the shoulder strap for a towel. The strap itself is a standard weight adjustable length 2 inch nylon web strap with a sliding rubber shoulder pad. All the zippers are of sufficient strength and move smoothly.

Perhaps the three best features of this bag are its durability, ease of maintenance, and weight. At little less than half a pound, this bag bag is not substantially heavier than the average disc (454 grams = 1 pound). Additionally, the light weight fabric and lack of structure make this bag easily cleaned after a muddy round and quick to dry as well. Finally, the toughness of the Disc Pal is excellent. It will take years of abuse with little defect and seems highly resistant to tears and pulls in the fabric.

Unfortunately, these attributes are not without their detractors. Despite its solidly rugged construction, the Disc Pal does have some significant shortcomings. Firstly, the light weight nylon fabric lacks any stiffness which would allow it to hold its shape, nor does it have any sort of frame or padding. The net result is a bag which, while very easily rolled up and stuffd in a drawer when empty, also allows for contents to shift with even the slightest movement causing the entire bag to quite often sit uncomfortably on the shoulder. In addition, the rudimentary rubber pad on the shoulder strap does not effectively disperse the weight of a full bag; increasing shoulder fatigue and contributing to the general lack of comfort. The mesh putter pockets are somewhat shallow as well. With the main compartment fully loaded, there is little room left for these pockets to truly be effective; a situation compounded at times by the amount of items placed in the smaller zippered accessory pocket. Finally, the mesh bottle sleeve has no real floor to it. While this does allow for condensation from a water bottle to effectively drip away rather than pool in the bottom of the sleeve, it also creates certain limitations. The one inch nylon web used to close the bottom of the sleeve means that only large bottles similar to a one liter Nalgene bottle, will fit without sliding past the webbing and falling through the bottom.

Despite these pitfalls, the Wall City Disc Pal is a tough and durable companion for discs and will provide many years of use. I began using this bag when I started playing in 1999. It was given to me by a friend who had been using it for several years and was upgrading to a larger bag. A few years later, after having upgraded to a different bag myself, I gave this bag to someone who has used it consistently for some time now. Three owners and ten years later, the bag is in almost the same condition as when it was new. At the $14.95 to $19.99 range, this bag is well worth its price for beginners and the recreational player alike.
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