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Discatcher Traveller Basket

Posted: 2-09-05
Submitted by RollerDoos@aol.com My first two Travellers came in the mail yesterday. We have had it set up in doors and have been putting quite a bit. Here's a comparison review.

Set up: Far easier and safer than any other target on the market. You just spread out the legs like a folding camp chair and then pop up the center. You never break it down into pieces. It does not have parts that catch and pinch your fingers. It requires no muscle power.

Popping up the center was a little tricky even after Kira found the directions attached to the bag. Instead of whatever they say, after spreading out the legs hold the basket down on diagonally opposite corners. Lift the center up from the very bottom using your big toe. It is not hard to do but it seems strangely like a roadside sobriety test.

Catching good putts. It did not reject any good putts on my testing. With the netting there will be no blow-throughs and center pole bounce outs seem unlikely. The target area seems effectively a little narrower than most targets. Some borderline good putts off center that seemed like they would be caught by most baskets deflected out.

Catching bad putts. A low bad putt can slide in over the rim because of its nubless cloth design. About half of my high bad putts got knocked in. A slow wide bad putt might drop in where a faster one won't because of the wide basket.

Catching overall: the catching target area would be a little narrower and taller than a standard basket but it simulates pretty well. It won't hurt your game to putt on this. Caveat: I did not putt on it diagonally, only square to the sides. The sides whose chains form a plane parallel to the sides catch a little better than the other sides. This is clearly confusing. The chains are shaped like a hexagon and the basket is square. The points of the hexagon are less catchy than the sides.

Bonus? DROTs can drop through but they don't always. I was tossing soft DROTs and they were falling through about 1/3rd of the time.

The bottom of the net basket is gathered by elastic. I was simulating some tomahawk ace runs. New, it was pretty hard to blast through the elastic to the ground. Over time that elastic will get stretched and need to be replaced. You can buy elastic at any fabric store. It is probably good for couple of years at least unless you are leaving it in the rain.

Portability: These are light. Diana had no problem bringing in the the shipping carton that had two baskets. Kira said she could carry two easily. For a round of one-basket temp golf you would fold it up but not bag it. The bags are designed a little tight.

Stability. The top parts have a little give to them which will help prevent an ace run from knocking them over. The four leg design will make them a little harder to level than the three legged Skill Shots but still easier than a round base portable.

Aesthetics: They are not your father's disc golf basket and they do not *ching.* They are not cute like the Skill Shots. Diana liked the shade of yellow. I don't really see shades of color so I'll take her word for it.

Extras: They do come with tent stakes in a matching little bag. And they have the removable flag.

Bottom line: They meet the needs of our temp league far better than the Skill Shots. They meet my other need for a light weight portable better too. They are priced like a Skill Shot. I'll order more and recommend these over Skill Shots to the parents of our juniors.
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