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Disc Golf Goal

Posted 11-13-06
Submitted by Anonymous
Location: Canada
Level: Amateur
Review: First of all, this basket used to be the best buy around. It's still pretty good but in the last year the price has really gone up. If you're Canadian, like me, forget about it. None of the companies that sell it will ship to Canada. That said, it seems that more and more online disc shops are selling it and I'm sure they'd ship north for the right $. Anyhow, it is a good basket. It is still worth the money. I've used mine a lot over the last two years and it has held up really, really well. It's easy to transport too. Strangely, I found that when I first got it that it really snagged the discs. But after about a season of heavy use cut throughs really began happening a lot. I have no idea why this would be - but there you have it. The tripod base on the Ching and others is superior to the round base the InStep uses, obviously because level ground is needed to set it up. Otherwise, it's sturdy and won't fall over. I recommend.
Posted 12-01-05
Submitted by Davis Johnson joandave@rcn.com
PDGA: 44
Location: MA
Level: Pro
Avg Drive: 400
Disc Weights: 150-170
Review: I agree with all the preceding about the Instep, EXCEPT for the durability of the chains. On the several baskets I have the chains are showing considerable rust.
Posted 11-01-05
Submitted by Harold Bramton pagan.harold@gmail.com
Location: North Dakota
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 275
Disc Weights: 30 pounds
Review: My wife ordered this basket for my birthday present off Ebay for about 80 bucks (shipped), I have found it to be a great practice basket with only one drawback. The current chain arrangement is prone to blow-throughs. The basket is of excellant quality and has responded well to weather and repeated setups and take downs. I love that fact that it sets up so easily. If you are considering the purchase of this basket I highly reccomend it. Remember to add the inner chains.
Posted 10-26-05
Submitted by Rayborn Long rays87turbo@yahoo.com
Location: Dallas
Level: Amateur
Basket Weight: ~ 30-40lbs
Review: I got my basket on ebay for less than 100 shipped, and was pleasantly surprised. The powdercoated chains, basket, base, and pole, have all held up very well to Texas heat, rain, wind, and now cold. I have observed no rust on any part of the basket, and it has been sitting in my backyard for over 5 months. As mentioned by other reviewers, the chains are light weight and there is only one ring of them. However it would be very easy to add a set of inner chains. I think for the price this is an excellent basket.
Posted 10-03-05
Submitted by pk blndcrw@aol.com
Basket Weight: 30 lbs
Review: I received two Instep DG100's from an internet Ebay store called sell2all. The price was 49.95 per basket with 39.95 shipping for one basket and an additonal 26.95 for the second basket. Total for the two was around $167 making the baskets $83.50 each. The sale was a "Buy It Now", Ebay sale. Unfortunately sell2all did not have any of the baskets and made up countless excuses and finally I received the baskets going on the 4th week after placing the order. Price Quality or Service, pick any two. After getting the baskets set up I started throwing long putts and noticed that they are quiet. This is due to the lack of a ring connecting the chains together at the pole and a second set of inner chains. The basket catches well as is but if you are going to practice aproach shots the inner chains are a big improvement for catching the harder thrown shots. The basket' is contructed of 1/4" wire and will not hold up well to leaning on or any rough handling. At 30 lbs. it is reasonably stable and yet easy to move. At roughly $90 delivered it is a good basket, adding extra chains came to about $20 per basket. The basket comes with 14 chains and the inner circle has seven spoke for adding an additional 7 chains bringing the basket up to 21 chains. I have both of my baskets upgraded to 21 chains. Right now you can't get a decent quality chain basket for under $90. Behave and treat this basket with kindness and you should get years of good use.
Posted 08-22-05
Submitted by cyro
PDGA: 26398
Location: San Diego
Level: Adv. Am
Review: Ever since I posted my review for the Instep Basket I must have gotten 100 emails asking where I got it for that price. I've replied to everyone and it looks like in the last couple weeks Shop Lifestyle has changed their price. You can no longer get it for $68 shipped...it now comes to about $99.00. This is due to a slightly higher selling price of a couple dollars but mostly because of more expensive shipping and for some reason they now add $15.00 toward shipping of the order. You can get it from Ebay for around $88 shipped. There might be other places to find deals on it but I haven't looked. Mine is still holding up great. No rust, no problems of any kind.

Below is the link where I purchased it.


Posted 06-24-05
Submitted by Brian
Review: Here's a $10 tip to improve the catching ability of this basket. The basket comes with 14 chains all at the same diameter from the center. However the top horizontal portion of the basket has two welded rings for stability. Go to home depot and purchase 10' of chain and some 1 1/2" S-hooks. Use the inner welded ring (it's about 10-12" in diameter for reference) to attach 5-6 S-hooks to. Now take your 10' of chain and create 5-6 extra inside chains and attach the bottom of these chains (with your S-hooks) to the current "ring" of chains around the pole. I've found that this greatly reduces disc break-thrus and greatly improves the catching ability of this basket. It add a couple lbs to the total weight but IMHO it's greatly worth it. Good luck & hope this helps some other out! -Brian
Posted: 3-21-05
Submitted by Dave Wiggins
I bought one of these off of Ebay over 2 years for my (then) 7 y/o son for $69 and that included 3 discs!!! The basket is well made, powder coated and anodized chains to prevent rust. It rests on a circular foot type stand that is plently stable even on slight inclines. It is not as sturdy as an Innova, DGA, or Discraft but the upside of this is that it is quite light +/- 30 lbs - easy enough for my son to drag all over the neighborhood and for me to easily lift with one arm fully assembled and place where I like. It disassebles quickly into 3 parts and would fit easily into most autos or trunks. As far a durability goes this things has never been indoors - it has been through ice, snow, rain, sun and general abuse by a young boy and is still going strong with only small spots of rust. The size is just a bit smaller than the local courses Mach IV's and the size of the basket can be adjusted vertically with a pin. My son played on this thing so much that he gained enough skills to win the 2004 Worlds for under 10 by 99 strokes, but it is plenty sufficient for me to use as well. [The discs that come with the basket are true golf discs - putter "Mercury", mid "Venus" , and driver "Pluto", but quality is appropriate for beginners. They are made in China FWIW]
Posted: 3-21-05
Submitted by cyroz@yahoo.com
My player level: Advanced Am.

I recieved my Instep Disc Golf Goal for only $68.00 shipped! I decided on this basket after spending $50.00 on materials to build my own with more left to purchase. I returned all the materials and went with this purchase based on it's correct PDGA dimention requirements and low price. The basket was a breeze to setup with chains and sections already in place. Just stick the post into the various sections, pin them together and it's ready to use! It also breaks down within 3 seconds (literally) for the backseat of your car or storage. This goal is as close to Innova Disc Catcher specs as you can get. I've listed the specs below. The specs are listed below. The dimentions are so perfect it is what I would have constructed myself. I was skeptical about the single set of chains. It comes with 14 very heavy duty 2.0 link yet don't make the typical ching sound when a disc hits. They are very quiet which is good for the neighbors. I've thrown around 500 putts and approaches into the basket so far and never once has one slipped through, typical of most single chain baskets. I was going to add a set of inner chains but decided not to add the extra weight simply because it doesn't seem to need inner chains. The chain rack has an inner circle for hanging a second set of chains if you wish to do so. The basket is very solidly built...so solid in fact that if I had enough land on my property to put up a 9 hole course I would consider using 9 Instep baskets for permanent install. Overall the Instep Disc Golf Goal is an excellent product for an amazing price.

Basket width: 26"
Basket height (above ground): 30"
Basket depth: 6"
Chain rack width: 24"
Distance between top of basket and chain rack: 22"

PDGA requirements for baskets are as follows:

1. Outer diameter of basket rim (must be 26.1" or less)

2. Minimum basket depth (must be 5.9" or more)

3. Height of basket rim above ground (must be between 29.6" and 34.7")

4. Maximum width of deflection or entrapment apparatus (must be 27.7" or less)
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