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Mach Lite

Number of Chains: 16
Approximate Cost: $145 (shipping included)
Posted 11-16-06
Submitted by adidadg
Basket Weights: 40lbs or so
-very portable
-set up and take down is extremely quick and easy
-looks good
-Catches well enough - good putts will always stick, poorer putts are more likely to spit out than on a permanent basket
-appears to be high quality
-has catching area of a regular permanent basket
-Good Value for your money

not much really, when folded up it is bigger and heavier than the skillshot but thats not very significant.

If you are trying to decide between the Ching skillshot and the mach lite it is simply no contest. I would say that the ML is everything the SS should have been, mainly in that it looks and performs like a regular DG basket. I would bet that anyone who has used a skilshot would admit that it "just isnt the same" as putting on a regular basket. I can honestly say that I enjoy playing with the mach lite almost as much as any other basket, plus it is very portable making it easy for storage, or you can set it up in your backyard, take it camping, etc. Highly recommended
Posted: 8-09-06
Submitted by Michael Stiller
As my previous speaker says, this basket is way better than the ching or skill-shot! He described it very well, so I will concentrate on upgrades, but I like to add one thing. You can demount the pole into two parts (the tripod would be part no.3), each approx. 2ft long. So this basket would even fit into a usual traveling bag!

The Mach Lite has one mayor problem, which occurs during carrying the set up basket when you play a course without permanent baskets. We haven't much permanent courses here in Germany, so each time we play we carry a basket with us from hole to hole.

The problem is, that the tripod-base of basket tends to collaps, so after carrying it onto your shoulder it's hard to drop it of correctly because the stands aren't spread anymore.

I solved this by using a tension belt made of rubber. It's knotted to the removable pin of the bottom part and attached with a hook to the part of the tripod, which moves down for collapsing. The tension pulls the center up and spreads the stands. If you want to avoid losing this removable pin (which can easily happen during carrying it) and force it to stay where it belongs, choose a longer tension belt and wind the other side once around the pole above the pin, wind it once or twice around the pole below the pin and hook it next to the hook of the other side of the tension belt.

For more comfort while carrying, slide a piece of heating pipe insolation on the pole between the removable pin and the tripod.

While carrying your flag might shift or even drop down. Put it in your pocket before you lose it!

If you don't carry your Mach Lite that much, all these ideas are not that interesting for you. But if you don't carry it much, you don't have to care for the weight of the basket. So why not add some chains?

Attach eight additional chains with carabiners to the hooks of the inner chain-mounting on the top and to the chain on the bottom of the basket.

The original Mach Lite catches really fine, but with extra chains it's even better.

Attaching chains to the outer chain-mounting using a cord with knotted noses, which is thread through the spokes on the outside, makes IMHO discs, which don't bang in centered, skip out of the chains more often.

Maybe DGA fixed some of the problems mentioned above in the meantime (I got mine in Dec05), but the Mach Lite is still a perfect foldable basket, the pick of the bunch yet! It's catching area is as large as it is on usual steel-baskets. It catches discs real good, even sloppy putts, it's weight is light enough to carry it with you, with it's blue/white color it's really a beauty and perfectly visible on the course.

So buy one, have fun and greetings from Germany! Michael
Posted: 2-09-05
Submitted by Marc Burnstine
My Review: I recently purchased the DGA Mach Lite basket in blue. I did a lot of research on baskets before I purchased this, as I wanted something that was portable, and as close to the real thing as possible.

This basket gets an A+ rating in my book. I got it from Marshall Street for $145 with free shipping! Great Price. It is a full sized basket that is so easy to set up and take down. And the best part, with 16 chains, both inner set and outer set, it catches discs great with that oh so satisfying "CHING" sound!

It comes with a bag to carry it. The way it works is like a double umbrella. The top folds up to open the chains, with a spring loaded catch that lines up perfectly, just lift until it snaps in. The bottom does the same in the opposite direction, downward to open the basket portion, except this is a removable pin. This pin is a little harder to line up, but really no big deal. Just a little wiggle. The base is a separate piece altogether, that just folds out for use, and in for storage. So it is really just two pieces, and 3 steps to use or store. The base has it's own pocket for carrying.

As for catching ability, like I said it has 16 chains, 8 outer, and 8 inner. A lot of thought was put into the chain arrangement, and it is superb. It even has a flag that attaches to the top to gauge the wind. I can tell this was made very well, and will last for many years. I wouldn't leave it outside all year long, but that is not what you buy it for. Portable, that is the strength of this basket. Other than that, it is a real basket, and will catch aces from 200 feet out or further. Sorry, i wish I could verify longer, but just can't do it honestly, hehe.... I highly recommend this basket, it is way better than the skill shot. Buy it!
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