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Elite X Challenger

Type: Putt and Approach
Diameter: 21.0cm
Available Weights: 160-174g
Plastic: Discraft Elite X

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Flight Rating Category Value What Discraft says:
The Challenger is an amazin, overstable putter. It can get around trouble for those long hyzer putts and is overstable enough to take a good amount of snap on approaches.
Maximum Flight Speed
Resistance To High Speed Turn
Amount Of Low Speed Fade
Propensity To Fade
Relative Distance
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level
Uniformity Of Break In Period
Overall Durability Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 06-03-07
Submitted by JMan mentor9@comcast.net
Location: Stumptown, Oregon
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 325
Disc Weights: 173
Review: The Challenger is money for my game. Stiff or soft this disc just feels good in my hand. I use it for long up shots either annie, hyzer, or stright, it holds the line. And for putting, if you release it flat and nose up it stalls nicely and stays close if it misses. The soft grips the chains better than the stiffer models. The new FLX seems less stable but you can release it confidently with a wider fan grip, like throwing a catch disc. Again the big reason I like this disc is the feel, when you find discs that feel this comfortable you stick with it. I onle carry 9 discs, but only 5 models, two of those are the Challenger, a soft Elite X, and the FLX; they had to earn those spots but now that they're in they are there for good. The consistancy of Discraft plastic means I won't have to re-learn the disc every time I re-buy. Throw with confidence, throw Discraft. (no I am not paid by Discraft just throwing there stuff since 1979.
Posted: 9-13-04
Submitted by l.e.wilkowske@gmail.com
I picked up this disc after reading a few reviews, and after hearing some advice that using a tough putter is sometimes better than a midrange disc for certain shots. They don't come much tougher than this Elite-X Challenger. This thing is stiff and thick. I think the Challenger mold is very versitile. The disc can be used for putts of all lenghts. It is more of a "chain breaker" than a "chain grabber" . This harder Challenger also makes an awesome approach disc because it has a good dome so it will stop when it hits the ground (although with the help of a wind I have had it roll, but it was a luck deal). I can throw it sidearm or backhand equally well, and I can put a good flip on it for getting out from trees. I have used this from time to time to throw drives, but it tends to want to turn over and get flippy. I have had mixed success throwing in windy conditions as well. Coupled with a Pro-D Challenger for long putst ,and this Elite-X Challenger for approach/midrange my game is much more solid than before when I just had a midrange and a putter.
Posted: 9-23-03
Submitted by Bob Ramsdell Deuceman6@aol.com
My name is Bob Ramsdell pdga #9592. This review is on the discraft challenger: started out with two of the elite x challengers two weeks later added two "d" challengers (regular plastic) They all seem to fly quite like the KC avairs. (Not surprising since I believe the challenger is the same mold that innova uses for avairs )......... Challenger has good float and not to understable I prefer the "d" putters for in the basket putts and the elite x for approaches and short drives. If this is an OK review email me back and I'll give you one for the discraft wasp which is the same mold as innova's roc. FYI discraft got the molds from innova for Cam Todd who is now sponsored by discraft instead of innova!! I hear it cost a couple of bucks $$$ peace hope this is cool let me know B.Ramsdell 9592
Posted: 07-08-03
Submitted by Max Maclay <maxmaclay@hotmail.com>
The Discraft Elite Challenger is an overstable putt-and-approach disc that performs well in windy conditions and putts around obstacles on longer shots. I use it for driving shorter holes as well and have found it almost impossible to turn over except on the most extreme anhyzer throws into the wind. I also throw Rocs for similar shots and find the Challenger to have similar predictability. It is more overstable and fall more steeply and at a shorter distance than a Roc. I have thrown it over 300 ft on level ground and found it to have a very consistent flight path. I use it for hyzer upshots because it does not have a pronounced glide and has a very predictable flight. I recentely used the Challenger in a tournament and confidentely drove it into strong winds on holes from 220-310 ft. Despite a strong snap, and thrown with a slight hyzer, it would run straight before predictably falling out. I do not use it for my main putter because it does not glide much when thrown softly and falls out quickly to the left. However, it does not turn over into the wind and its lack of glide becomes an advantage because it will not soar as far past the basket on missed putts as my Discraft Z-PUTT'R. I do know some players who putt more forcefully than I do and the snap on their putts will turn over some putter and they swear by the Challenger.
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