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Elite X Crush

Type: Driver
Available Weights: 160-174g
Plastic: Discraft Elite X

Elite Z Crush
Flight Rating Category Value What Discraft says:
The CRUSH, overstable extra long range driver is a wide rim, flat top disc. The CRUSH is a very fast and controlable extra long driver with excellent glide.
Maximum Flight Speed NA
Resistance To High Speed Turn NA
Amount Of Low Speed Fade NA
Propensity To Fade NA
Glide NA
Relative Distance NA
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level NA
Predictability NA
Uniformity Of Break In Period NA
Overall Durability NA Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 11-18-07
Submitted by Andre A Location: Tampa Bay Area
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 300
Disc Weights: 172
Review: Bought this driver a few months ago, and to be honest didn't like it at all. BUT after leaving it in my bag to get beaten up, it is now my go-to. True workhorse. It'll turn over, it'll anhyser, it'll hyser. Love the "orange" crush.
Posted 04-22-07
Submitted by JMan Disc Weights: 170+
Review: This disc is the "GO-TO" disc in my bag. It is fast and holds the line I put on it. I have never had a disc with this much glide at low altitude. I keep a well worn in the bag to turn over and a newer one for straight and hyzer lines. I also just added an ESP to replace the Z; it has everything I love about the Crush, but is not as domed so it works well at higher altitude. I only have 5 drivers in my bag and 3 of them are Crushes. Simply put, you want to Crush your favorite course? Get one, soon!
Posted 11-23-06
Submitted by Chris B Location: Colorado
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 350
Disc Weights: 170
Review: This is the first disc that I've ever thrown 400' with! I love the grippiness of EliteX (and ESP!) plastic and the wide rim of the Crush. When playing more wide open flat-lander courses, this is my main driver. I use an older beat up one for downwind shots/slight turnovers and I throw a newer one for my regular drives. I've found that Crushes are NOT that great in the wind, though. As long as it's still a fairly new disc, I can use one in moderate wind with a slight hyser release, but in a big headwind I have move up to an Avenger, Predator or Firebird because the Crush is too flippy. They are absolutely my main long range drivers though!! I can't stop buying them! Posted 11-17-06
Submitted by Aminus Maximo boobyhead@hailmail.net
Disc Weights: 168
Review: Been chuckin lids for 6 months. Am 60 years old, average height/weight, and throw RHBH. Own ALL discs currently available(FANATIC), and the CRUSH is my go to weapon of choice. I do NOT use a 'runup', rather bob from back foot to front, with a long whip like release. If you throw this disc flat/nose down with good snap, it will haul butt, and you will be beaten the brush looking for it. I am currently lookin for a LONGER COURSE...AMAX
Posted 06-27-06
Submitted by Ray Vens ray@gdvinsurance.com
Disc Weights: 167-169
Review: I was skeptical of the Crush because of it's stability rating, but after throwing a firend's pro D Crush I was hooked! I bought an Elite X Crush and found it super grippy, and durable. The small diameter and wide rim felt great and improve confidence and control. It is also a very slim-profile disc, so if thrown fast with alot of spin it will go straight and far! A week after a bought my first Crush, I scored my first Ace (it was even at a tournament!) Coincidence? hardly. My bag will never be without a Crush again.
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