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Elite X2

Type: Driver
Diameter: 21.0cm
Available Weights: 165-174g
Plastic: Discraft Elite X

Elite X2
Flight Rating Category Value What Discraft says:
The X2 is a very fast, over-stable flyer that is very easy to throw. The X2 has exceptional glide to get maximum distance for everyone.
Maximum Flight Speed 7.5
Resistance To High Speed Turn 8.5
Amount Of Low Speed Fade 7.5
Propensity To Fade 7.0
Glide 6.0
Relative Distance 7.0
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level 3.0
Predictability 4.0
Uniformity Of Break In Period 3.0
Overall Durability 4.0 Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted: 4-08-05
Submitted by james@wildgypsy.com
This disc is one of my all-time favorite discs. I like the rim configuration. I like the way it feels in my hand. It's stamped with a number 2, overstable. I believe this is in error. It's not that overstable. I use it as a driver as well as for long and medium approach shots. As a driver, it's not the fastest disc out there. But, when I come to a hole with a tight fairway, this is very often the disc I choose. I feel I can control the flight direction and release angle better with this disc than many others. For long approach shots, this is my "bread and butter" disc. When I grab it, I feel a confidence that it's going to end up very close to the basket. Invariably, it does. I also use it for shorter approach shots, say 100 feet away and less. It holds the release angle well, and has a slow fade during the end of it's glide. When it lands, it doesn't roll very far. It's very predictable. It's good backhand and sidearm. For windy conditions, if you throw this disc low on a line, it will hold that line and cut through the wind beautifully. When I'm out on the course, I always have one of these. The first one I owned, I found. I started throwing it seven years ago, and haven't stopped. Highly recommended. Oh, did I mention that I like this disc?
Posted: 5-14-02
Submitted by Derek Kainz <derekkainz@hotmail.com>
I have this disc in the new pro-D plastic and I don't like it. It has no purpose for me. For a disc that is supposed to be overstable by 2 it turns over to the right rather easily and doesn't even fight to get back. However, I also have it in the elite plastic (heavy) and I like it a lot. Great control and decent distance. Pulls left three quarters of the way through it's flight. Once it gets worn it stays fairly straight.
Posted: 02-18-02
Submitted by Jon Turner <oxdisc@thets.demon.co.uk>
The X2 is a fast straight to over-stable driver with a strong overstable fade. The brother of the XL, the disc feels similar in the hand and initially seems to fly the same. In the last third of the flight, the X2 turns strongly over-stable (not enough to recover from a big anhyser throw like an X-clone, but pretty strong). I've found the X2 to be a great driver on a windy day, maintaining it's direction without much problem. Also, the level of fade at the end of the flight is small enough for me to use my X2 as a windy day straight line driver. Keeping the disc low and flat produces long drives and I've also found that certain cross-wind conditions also keep the disc gliding for a long way. When I first bought the disc, I found it a handfull and the shortened glide compared with the XL meant I had accept shorter drives when using it. However, with experience, you can tell what conditions suit the disc and when used, it can really shine.
Posted: 10-05-01
Submitted by Scott Miller <ksarrow@onemain.com>
Discraft says in their promo brochure that the X2 is very fast and overstable. They rate it as 2 in their scale of 0 to 3, with 0 being straight and 3 being overstable to the left. In my experience, the X2 flies pretty straight into a headwind. In no wind it flies nicely to the left without going out of control. It is also fairly easy to get a long hyzer with this disc. My friend also swears by his X2 as a roller, and is the best roller in his opinion.
Posted: 7-25-01
By Blake Takkunen - the Webmaster - <blake@discgolf.com>
My Review:
The Elite Pro X2 is a fast, overstable driver. It has a fairly low profile and a pretty shallow rim compared to the rim of the XL (something I always had a problem with because i have short fingers). This is a very good disc into the wind. I found it VERY difficult to turn over. I do not feel this disc had very good glide compared to the better gliding discs around but I did find it was probably my longest disc when there was strong wind. I would describe its flight path as going straight for 70% of its flight and then breaking hard left at the end. I compare its flight path to that of the mid-weight (169-172g) KC Firebird. I do not like the X2 for throwing big hyzers on dogleg left holes. Although tough to turn over, it does not "bite" very hard when I wanted it to curve left. The Elite Pro Xtra, X-Clone, Banshee, Whippet, and EXP1 all seem to "bite" better and hold a left curve with a truer line than the X2. Often I would throw what I wanted (or needed) to be a hyzer only to have it flatten out on me before breaking to the left. I did enjoy this disc but I have since replaced it in my bag with an EXP1 which I use for both a wind disc and hyzers. I think this disc would be a bit much for a beginner but it is a great wind driver for those just entering the intermediate level of play. I was however, very impressed by its resiliance. I owned several and all seemed to hold up very well round after round, tree after tree, it still managed to have its same, very predictable flight path of 70% straight, 30% hard left. Speedwise it felt similar to an XL but maybe a bit faster and slower than an Xtra. Before Discraft changed their stability rating system, the X2 was a 3, while the X-Clone was a 4, the Xtra a 3, the Xtreme a 5, the XL a 1, and the Cyclone a 2. I felt that in this system, the stability rating for the X2 was quite accurate, although I probably would have given it more around a 2.5.
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