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Elite Xtreme

Type: Driver
Diameter: 21.1cm
Available Weights: 165-174g
Plastic: Discraft Elite X

Elite Xtreme
Flight Rating Category Value What Discraft says:
The Xtreme over-stable driver is simply that. When you need a disc to pull hard left (right hand, backhand throws) this is it. Throw into any wind and it will hold.
Maximum Flight Speed NA
Resistance To High Speed Turn NA
Amount Of Low Speed Fade NA
Propensity To Fade NA
Glide NA
Relative Distance NA
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level 5.0
Predictability 5.0
Uniformity Of Break In Period 3.0
Overall Durability 3.0 Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted: 11-03-04
Submitted by Andy Newberry
A very useful tool that is more of a mid-range as far as distance than a driver. I like to throw it on wind drives around 300 where I don't have to think about letting up on power, but only on my line. I use it as clubbing down on distance from predator with almost the same easy throwing motion, but I want less distance. Where a predator or firebird might get flat and fly past the hole. Very good on spike shots. It's not for hard-turning shots because it only comes back a bit. When new this disc wants to get to the ground. Useful sidearm spike disc, too. They aren't the longest lasting of discs, but a lot of that is because of how they fly high over obstacles and crash straight down. No soft landings for the Xtreme. Much easier to master than the Z-Xtreme, but not near as durable. THe X extreme doesn't glide at all until broken in good. I always have a minimum of 2 xtremes in my bag in different stages of wear. A new one is a must at beginning of any tourney. ANd without throwing it much at all I know how a new one will act. Not a beginner disc, but intermediates can find uses for this utility disc.
Posted: 07-17-03
Submitted by crodda@bates.edu
I am a par to handful-under-par player, with slightly above average power. I have been throwing a 174g (max weight) Xtreme for a few weeks now. This disc is definitely what it says it is (extreme...) - by far the most overstable thing I've ever thrown. And it has a permenant place in my bag, but I have to disagree with the previous reviewer on a few points:

It may be that my disc is from a much later run (being that the other review is two years old) but the X plastic this disc is made of is much slicker than most of the rest of Discraft's Elite X plastic (In that line, I also have an X2, XS, 2XLs, MRV, Stratus, and an X-clone. The plastic is most like that of the X- Clone.) As such, it does not "stick" when it hits the ground, as the other reviewer suggested, but rather tends to skip, slide and roll all over the place when it lands. This has happened on all surface types.

Also, I assume that the "like a baseball" throw mentioned in the previous review is something like the "tommahawk" or "hammer" I use, and the Xtreme has been inconsistant for this type of shot. While it will corkscrew quite quickly down a tight fairway (as described before) if thrown hard, it is very sensitive to throw power, and can be very hard to control. Also, if you manage to land the Xtreme on its top with a hammer throw, the skipping I mentioned before becomes most evident. In the right situation, this might be a very valuable trait, but I'm not going to give up my reliable old (read "beat") 5th run JLS for hammering.

One thing you do need to remember is that the Xtreme will do its own turning. If put it up at too much of a hyzer angle, the disc will not bite AT ALL. It actually turns less thean a "normal" overstable disc, going up and down along a straight path, hitting the ground almost vertically, and then rolling sharply into whatever hazard you were trying to get around.

So what DOES the Xtreme do? It ALWAYS comes back. I can put the disc up at an insane anhyzer angle, and given enough height, it will always come back straight or even hyzer. (For comparison, it will return to flat from an angle that my nex X plastic X2 (quie overstable) will take all the way into the ground.) The Xtreme is the disc I use off the box when the fairway has a sharp curve early and then straightens out. It will also do a VERY curvy s-curve.
Posted: 07-15-01
Submitted by PNKGTR@aol.com
I would consider myself an Advanced amateur and I'm primarily a forehand thrower. I'm finding more and more uses for the Xtreme every time I play. If you ever need a disc to go 90 degrees left or right (backhand or forehand) you need this disc. For forehand throwers this disc is a must. It can be thrown like a baseball and it will flatten out then go straight with a nice predictable right turn at the end. I use it for tunnel shots most of the time, low trees are not a problem for this very fast disc. Another interesting feature of the Xtreme is that sticks when it hits the ground, with very little skipping like other overstable discs. It can be a little wild at first but the more you throw it the more you'll like this disc.
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