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Elite Z Flash

Type: Driver
Available Weights: 160-174g
Plastic: Discraft Elite Z

Elite Z Flash
Flight Rating Category Value What Discraft says:
This maximum distance driver is the fastest and has the greatest glide of any driver now available. With a stability rating of 1.5. This disc will appeal to disc golfers of all skill levels.
Maximum Flight Speed 11.0
Resistance To High Speed Turn 6.0
Amount Of Low Speed Fade 7.0
Propensity To Fade 3.0
Glide 8.0
Relative Distance 11.0
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level 2.5
Predictability 2.5
Uniformity Of Break In Period 5.0
Overall Durability 5.0 Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 02-20-08
Submitted by Scott Scott.d.nei@gmail.com
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Level: Beginner
Avg Drive: 325
Disc Weights: 171g
Review: I love this disc! It was my first discraft driver and I love it for my sidearm drives. It will hold a very straight line and then fades slightly at the end. I find that I can release with a very slight anhyzer and the flash will hold it for just a little while and then flatten out and cruise for fast and long drive. I recommend to beginners, which I am myself, for an great sidearm disc to increase distance and consistency.
Posted 08-31-07
Submitted by Eddy G edglatt@yahoo.com
Disc Weights: 174
Review: Fast and controllable, thick-rimmed power driver is the best way to describe this driver. This driver is the best for hyzer flip shots and straight shots as well. Farely understable. What makes this disc great is it does not have a lot of fade. Great disc if you like the thick rimmed gummy feel. Sometimes if you put to much on it, it will turn on you. Similar in flight to a Innova roadrunner, with a fat rim like a Orc.
Posted 08-29-07
Submitted by Tim tsbarber@juno.com
Level: Beginner
Avg Drive: 225
Disc Weights: 170
Review: I've only been playing 2 months and have a noodle arm so this is a total noob's perspective. I bought a Flash before I knew anything about discs and could not do a thing with it, so I put it away in favor of things I could handle better like Leopards, Kites etc. After a couple months of learning and hopefully improving I thought I would give the Flash another go. Nope. I can't make it do anything except wobble out about 150' and then dive hard left into the ground. Guess this goes back on the shelf until I get better. IMO not a beginners disc.
Posted 08-13-07
Submitted by ColoradoJoe debstershop@yahoo.com
Disc Weights: 167-174
Review: As with all discs on the market, each persons arm, style of throw, height, weight, will dictate how well each disc is thrown. That's why I wish with reviews stated how tall the person was throwing the disc. I am 5'9" and throw forehand and backhand with equal distance with pretty much any disc. In tournaments and in casual games I can throw 365 feet very consistently and accurately (both ways), and if I'm in a open field throwing, I can max out at about 400'+.

The Flash is the perfect disc, if you throw low and flat to get your max distance. It has superb glide and will go forever in a straight line. If you do big S curves or are tall and lanky with a big arm, then this disc probably isn't for you, because you'll probably put way to much snap on it and flip it. For those people try a more overstable disc. This is why some people label this disc as a beginner disc because it's just not that overstable.

It's not a beginner disc, it's just works better for people that are shorter, with shorter arms, and maybe not as much snap, as say Climo.

Also, I throw my forehands the same line as my back hands, low and flat and the Flash works well like this. It can also hyzer if thrown like that.

The disc will hold any line you put on it and can be thrown dead straight and will end with a slight fade, and then with a big skip for some added d. I've thrown this disc at tourneys many times and people have asked several times what it is because it of how straight and far it glides. They're always surprised when I say Flash.

This disc combined with either some Surges, Avengers, or Wraiths makes for two kick butt drivers in your bag.

Don't be scared off by peops calling this a "beginner disc" you'll seriously be missing out if you want a great disc that can fly very straight, especially if you aren't the tallest and lankiest person in the world.
Posted 07-07-07
Submitted by Cody codytk@hotmail.com
Disc Weights: anwhere around 170
Review: This is an amazing disc that can handle great on any hole. It throws far, flies fast, and has that great fade towards the end. I had an Elite Z "Flick" which is probably my fastest driving disc and fades too much. So I have completely switched to the flash which is way more predictable and my confidence in throwing has greatly increased. I throw backhand around 340 feet sidearm and anywhere from 300-400 backhand. This is my first year and all but I would highly recommend this disc to everyone. At first I didn't like disc craft. Now all the drivers I have been using have ALL been discraft.
Posted 01-31-07
Submitted by SkaBob Location: Detroit
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 325
Disc Weights: 165-168
Review: I got a flash as my first Z/champ driver, and did well with it as a beginner. Now that my game has advanced I found myself trying one out in a lighter weight and have loved it. I throw a 165g purple one and a 168g flourescent green one (neither of which are particularly transparent). The purple one will glide straight for a ways, then turn right and fade gently back a ways later. The green one is more of a straight shot disc, with a bit more fade to it. I wouldn't use either in much wind, but part of that's due to their weight. The purple one is VERY good for giant anhyzer shots! It'll curve WAY right and land straight. The green one will fade back left a bit before it lands.

All in all a pretty good disc, though I wouldn't really call it a beginner disc like a lot of people do. I get the most distance out of it (even more than out of my surges), but that's only since my technique has gotten better. If you're a beginner looking for your first Z disc, I'd say check out an Xpress or an XS (or a Spectra, but I haven't thrown one as of writing this).
Posted 12-17-06
Submitted by moonlit Location: MN
Level: Amateur
Disc Weights: 172
Review: I throw RHBH an average of 300' on a flat trajectory. This disc is perfect for my power. It is an absolutely a consistant straight flyer with a pleasing 10' to 15' fade at the end of it's flight. My favorite and most used distance driver. It is very accurate for me. When I need a little more stablity, my Z Surge is a perfect companion disc for my Flash. Man, this is a fun game!
Posted: 8-03-05
Submitted by Marty martyg@the-printer.com
Disc Weights: 174
Review: I find My Elite Z Flash disc fades way more than my Pro D CRUSH. I can get 50 further with the Crush, with much more confidence, some young beginners that have thrown it, think the Flash is the ultimate driver,,, I will stick to my CRUSH for now...
Posted: 10-21-04
Submitted by Scott
The Flash is the best driver I have ever thrown. I am an intermediate to advance player and I throw backhand and forehand depending on the hole. Before I was introduced to the Flash I used to throw XLs for my backhand drives and X-Clones for my forehand drives. I could consistently throw about 320 feet backhand and about 280 forehand. That was until I picked up a Flash. I havenít been a big fan of all the newer technology discs like the Beast, Crush, Monster, etc because they are way too overstable for my arm. I tend to throw dead straight line drives (for my distance shots) and the XL always accommodated this very well. The Beast, Teebird, and Crush always faded off to the left/right too much for me and were very unpredictable (basically never trusted these discs). The Flash glides much like an XL on steroids (to me). Itís SO FAST(probably the fastest disc Iíve ever seen) and glides so well. The Flash isnít too overstable like some other newer technology discs out there so it suits my arm perfectly. The minute I switched to the Flash my distance improved instantly on backhand to about 360 consistently (have hit 400 a couple of times) and 310 on my forehands consistently. This disc is now my main driver and has replaced both the XL and X-clones in my bag. The flight of this disc is so predictable, in the wind as well! I carry weights of 167-174 (about 5) the weight that gets the most throws with me is 169.
Posted: 9-13-04
Submitted by: Jason Keith a.k.a.: TheBestKeith Jason_Keith01@hotmail.com
I was at the Discraft Ace Race in Cincinnati, Ohio recently and won an orange 171g Z-Flash for the CTP for the first round of 18. It was one of the great reasons for attending this event. A week after, I tested out my Flash at Mt. Airy (one of the greatest courses in the US). I got a one of my best drives there, around 375 feet and was instantly able to find the flight pattern for this disc. I then stepped up to hole 5, a 340' slightly uphill shot through trees, with the intention to have my best drive on this hole in my life. Sure enough, after only throwing my Flash once before, I aced this amazing hole. I love my Flash. It is predictable and can fly exactly where you intend for it to go. I am able to throw my Flash further than 95% of the discs in my bag, the only exception being my Beast. I suggest having a Flash, or at least trying one, for everyone whether you're experienced or just an amateur.
Posted: 9-13-04
Submitted by l.e.wilkowske@gmail.com
I picked up this disc after I had been throwing a 1st run Crush w/o much success. I could get it down the fairway, but it would always go way far left. I noticed review for the Flash here so as soon as I could find a PDGA run in a weight I liked, I snatched one up. After I got used to throwing the Flash, I noticed that it would turn over a little more than the crush, but not nearly as much as my Z-XS. This allowed me to get a great S-curve, and a lot more distance out of the disc. Overall I can throw the Flash a good 20-30 feet farther as my XS (about 300' , I have a pretty weak arm) and the Flash seems to come back out of the S better giving it an extra element of predictability. Totally awesome disc, and I have been hoarding all the PDGA appv. 169's the local disc sellers have been getting!
Posted: 7-14-04
Submitted by DK
I have been playing for around two years and I throw RHFH. I mostly throw a mix of Valks, Teebirds, Firebirds, and Monsters. I have recently added the Orc to my arsenal with great success. When I lost it and tried to purchase a replacement Orc they were not in stock, so I went with what I was told is Discraft's version of the Orc......the Flash. That, in my opinion, is a false statement. I found it similar only in the wide-rim style of the disc and in the speed of the disc. That is where the similarities stop. I agree with the other reviews in that this disc is very fast and glides well, but I found that the Flash is unpredictable and turns over too easily when you don't want it to. In my opinion I would say the Flash is more understable then the Valk. I also agree that the Flash, if thrown in an open field may glide further then the Orc, but on a course where accuracy is important I would never throw the Flash. I also put a lot of power on my throws and this might contribute to losing control of the Flash when I find the Orc to be controllable. In saying this, maybe the Flash would be better suited for a backhand beginner. To add to the talk about differences in color, my Flash is orange 172 and I find it to be understable and unpredictable. Maybe I'll try the Crush since it is supposed to be like the Flash but more stable
Posted: 6-29-04
Submitted by DarthHippo@aol.com
The Discraft Flash is a fast, wide-rimmed driver. Mine is a first run, orange, 170 weight. This is the only Flash I've thrown, so I can't vouch for the alleged color-stability correlation mentioned in Blake's review.

My first few throws with this disc left me remarkably impressed. The Flash is one of the fastest discs in my bag, fairly exploding out of my hand. Discraft describes it well as "the little brother of the Crush". It's less overstable than the Crush, making for an easier S-curve, but with the same high speed and wide rim. I don't have a ton of power and usually max out at around 300 feet, but almost every drive I've had that noticeably exceeded 300 has been with my Flash.

The plastic on my Flash is slightly gummy. The disc can be bent rather easily, something comparable to a new, unthrown Soft Magnet. This doesn't seem to change the flight as compared to my rather stiff Crush; it's still fast and easy to throw. The Flash seems to have a flight characteristic comparable to my Innova Viking. I bought both on the same day, and they hold similar lines, although the Flash seems to be about 15 or 20 feet longer. I would recommend the Flash to anybody who wants to try one of the new, wide-rimmed champion plastic drivers.
Posted: 6-13-04
By Blake Takkunen - The Webmaster - blake@discgolfreview.com
This is the first driver that has impressed me in a long while. The Flash is a very long disc without being particularly overstable. A very flat, low profile driver with a very wide, sharp rim, the Flash is one of the fastest discs I have thrown. While I am not usually a fan of the Elite Z plastic, I would probably make an exception in this case.

First off, I must make a couple of important observations. With the first couple of runs, the stability varies a lot by color. The blue are the least overstable while the orange are the most overstable with the yellow somewhere in between. Second, the rim on this disc is very wide. By very wide I mean probably 2mm wider than the rim on a Valkyrie and similar width to the Monster or Crush. Depth-wise, I would say it is similar depth to a Teebird or Predator. If you are someone who despises run inconsistency or have particularly small hands, this disc is probably not for you.

In terms of flight and stability, my experiences are with a yellow 167g first run Z Flash. I would compare the high-speed stability of the flash to that of a heavy and new DX Valkyrie or Teebird. It will turn of thrown flat, nose down, and hard but shouldn't get away from you unless you are prone to anhyzer or wrist roll over. Ideally, I see this disc being designed to flatten from a slight hyzer and aimed at low line drives (8-20' of height range). With sufficient power (more than 300') most players should be able to flatten this disc and have it turn very slightly while still finishing to the left. With a touch of anhyzer, the Flash will hold a very slight turn for 85-90% of its flight before flexing out. With about 20 degrees of anhyzer angle, the disc should hold a gradual right curve and finish flat. I did not think the Flash fared particularly well on sweeping hyzer throws as it tends to stay straight until very late in its flight, but it does work well for a long straight-to-left flight. However, I should note that the fade component of the flight does not enter until the 80-90% distance range. In my opinion the amount of fade is similar to a Champion Beast or max weight new Valkyrie, that is, pronounced but not overbearing. People with 400+ power may find this disc a little too flippy and I know people who use the blue ones as distance rollers.

In terms of Speed, the Flash is very fast out of the hand but seems to glide quite well and hold a stable flight for most of its flight. I have not thrown a lot of the newer drivers extensively, but I would say the flash is at least as fast as the Beast and probably a bit faster.

This is one of the first discs that I would say that nearly all players who can throw over 300' can probably achieve maximum distance with. I found the rim particularly uncomfortable as it is quite wide and sharp along the edge and there is a slight nub on the bottom of the rim. These two factors managed to tear my hand open after a couple of dozen throws and I have since passed this disc on to one of my friends who is consistently throwing it 10-30' longer than his Valkyries. The Z plastic is a softer, grippier blend, but seems to be holding up quite well. However, due to this disc's high cruise speed, I would not recommend it for players who are working out bugs in their technique or do not have 300+ power.
Posted: 6-12-04
Submitted by jobuurumdrinker@hotmail.com
The other week I lost my main driver into the thorn bushes forever. My trusty Z Wildcat. So, I ordered a Z Flash. I've been hearing people compare the new Z Flash to the Wildcat but with more glide. After finally hitting the course I can verify that the Flash is a Wildcat on steroids. I've only been to the course 3 times this year so my arm is still rubber, but this disc managed to add about 20 feet when compared to my longest throw last year when I was in shape! Go get one now!
Posted: 05-18-04
Submitted by Dion Woods Dion.Woods@polarisind.com
I am a Advanced Intermediate thrower who has been playing for 5 years. My main driver is a Teebird. I received 2-Z-Flash today @ 174 gm's. All I can say is WOW!!

It feels like a 11X Teebird but in a softer grippier plastic. This disc has a LOT of glide. A lot more than the Orc. The Orc fades out quicker than the Flash. The Flash has a smooth gliding fade like a Teebird. Think of a Teebird but with the power of an Orc.

I think the Orc (speed=10) is still a little bit faster than the Flash (speed=9.5?). It releases from you hand fast like an Orc or Monster but it seems slower because it just glides forever.

The Flash is very predictable and is a definite first-of-it's-kind precision Long-Range driver.

I was playing in 25-35 mph gusts and when thrown hyzer it would sit up and carry into the wind with a slight turnover and fade back sharply into the wind. Downwind it would sail forever with a very long smooth fade.

I threw it 300 ft into the wind and 350+ down wind. I think a lighter weight thrown downwind would get some more distance. I threw it later last night and was consistently hitting 400 ft. Even my Buddy Brian who can only throw 365 was hitting 400 ft.

When thrown anhyzer it will hold it's line 3/4 thru the drive and then fade left just like a Teebird. If your a Teebird fan like me it is a easy transition and fit in your bag.
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