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Elite Z Flick

Type: Driver
Available Weights: 150, 165-174g
Plastic: Discraft Elite Z

Elite Z Flick
Flight Rating Category Value What Discraft says:
The Elite-Z FLICK is the sleekest designed disc to date. Debuting in our all new Elite-Z 150 class, this super fast driver will change the way you look at lightweight plastic.
Maximum Flight Speed NA
Resistance To High Speed Turn NA
Amount Of Low Speed Fade NA
Propensity To Fade NA
Glide NA
Relative Distance NA
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level NA
Predictability NA
Uniformity Of Break In Period NA
Overall Durability NA Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 02-22-08
Submitted by Casey
Disc Weights: 171
Review: It's a decent disc, but not quite as overstable as I had hoped, nothing like a Max or Monster. I flipped it over a couple times during the first round I used it, although this could be due to the more shallow rim. The inner rim is much more shallow than most drivers which makes it very hard for me to grip for a forehand drive, maybe I have fat fingers? I just feel like I can't get a good grip on it with my index and middle fingers.
Posted 11-10-07
Submitted by Justin
Location: Texas
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 400
Disc Weights: 167
Review: I've been playing for a couple years now, and i started off throwing backhand till i saw a guy throwing a flick sidearmed and just dominating the course. I talked him into showing me how and letting me fling a few and have never looked back! I'm a baseball player so throwing side armed felt more natural, plus it lengthaned my average distance from 250-300 to 350+. After i learned to give it more spin, i could make it s curve all day long anywhere i wanted. A very predictable disk with great distance in any speed. I very much recommend anyone wanting a great sidearm disk to pick one up and give it a whirl!
Posted 08-09-07
Submitted by SkaBob Location: Detroit
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 400
Disc Weights: 150, 170
Review: I'd orginally gotten a 150 flick in a misprint box, and had used it for a while as a headwind driver, but really hadn't had the arm speed to make proper use of it. Now that I'm throwing faster, I'm loving it! I use the 170 for headwinds and dogleg trick shots and such, but I keep finding myself pulling out the 150 for all sorts of things. Long drives with a turnover that still need to tuck in at the end, big hyzers with some flip, anyhyzer trick shots, spike hyzers, max D shots. The rim is tunable (ala an Epic), but only to a certain degree. I find that I like the flight of the gummier ones better than the harder Z plastic ones. I've had gummy orange ones, stiff orange ones, stiff yellow ones, and a stiff pink one, and the gummy orange ones are the ones that get put in my bag for play. I can't say whether it's just the orange, or if gummy ones of other colors will throw as nicely, but the orange gummy ones are very, very nice.
Posted 06-25-07
Submitted by Belprez Disc Weights: 150
Review: BUY THIS DISC! I don't know why Discraft isn't kicking out these at the 150 gram weight class, but I was lucky enough to pick one up and it is THE BEST DISC I HAVE EVER THROWN! It's important to get the 150 Gram disc. The light weight is CRITICAL to getting max distance off the sidearm Flick style throw. I can BOMB this disc 50-100 feet further than my friend who drives with a standard backhand (he also used to pitch for a baseball team), and I can do it with two feet planted.
Posted 06-17-07
Submitted by Michael Noth Location: Cedar Rapids, IA
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 450
Disc Weights: 174
Review: This disc is very overstable! When discraft puts a fade of 2.5 on this disc they mean it. Great headwind driver. Since it is so aerodynamic I tried using it for thumbers. When I throw a thumber the disc likes to flip onto its back and get a massive skip at the end of its flight to the right; pretty nice for dirt shots.
Posted 09-13-06
Submitted by Josh A Disc Weights: 170's
Review: My style of play is lots of power, rip it-finesse shots are second nature. Any disc when you first buy it means little to how much you will continue to use it regularly. To me it is when it is broken in that it becomes favorable or not. Flick has kept its speed and fade, has turnover moreso now. Will nail a very fast very long s-curve and eliminates glide. So it is very dependable.
Posted 08-03-06
Submitted by Josh Disc Weights: 165
Review: I normally throw backhand but many times the courses I play dogleg to the right, perfect for a forehand. i had read the flick was good forehand disc and I also needed a good tomahawk disc. It took a couple of visits to the local park to practice throwing but I know posess a ok forehand shot and the flick is just amazing. Its blazing fast and plays great in the wind (or no wind). I would highly recommend this disc to anyone, it is a mainstay in my bag for forehand distance as well as those special hyzer and tomahawk shots.
Posted 09-06-05
Submitted by Anthony Godinez gogo300@juno.com
Location: oklahoma city
Level: Adv. Am
Disc Weights: 150
Review: I found this disc this summer and was skepticle about using it since it was so light, but a friend told me the first runs of this disc fly a long way so I tried it and I have no intention of ever pulling it out of my bag. I was throwing a 175g champion beast and this light weight disc out flew it even into a headwind. It flies a long way when thrown flat and has a predictalbe left turn at the end. I don,t have the skills to throw a tomahawk but this disc has done every other thing I have tried. Apparently discraft has done something to the design because the new flicks don't perform as well as the first run. If you find a 150g first run don't let it out of your grubby little mitts.
Posted 07-18-05
Submitted by Anonymous
Disc Weights: 167
Review: This is the most overstable disc I have thrown. My advice would be to think of it not as a distance driver but more of a very unique approach disc. The kind of flex this disc gives you can really help when you're in the woods and have to snake around some giant redwoods. I highly reccomend it.
Posted 8-03-05
Submitted by andrew hampton arhalh@hotmail.com
Disc Weights: 167
Review: When I first got this disc I hated it. I had read it was a good side arm disc and beginner friendly. however I found it to overstable for me and it would go about 50' and take a hard right turn (RHSA). Then I read a review that talked about throwing it 3/4 arm (half way between side arm and overhand) and when I tried it the disc worked great. Throw it 3/4 at about a 45% angle to the ground and the disc started doing 250' left to right s curve. I don't use this disc much, but the local course has a hole that dog legs right and is uphill with two pine trees in the middle of the fairwaythis disc works great for it.
Posted 05-14-05
Submitted by Blake bfenom@yahoo.com
Disc Weights: 169
Review: I recently got the Flick after I lost my Elite Z XL. The results have been amazing. I throw an average of approximately 30-40 ft. more than any other disc I have previously used. The Flick does have a hard right curve when I throw sidearm but after a little while is very easy to master and has a predictable flight pattern. Also, the Flick is super fast and usually get about 20-30 ft. after first touching the ground. The Flick has helped me to improve my best score by 3 strokes after only using it in 2 rounds
Posted 05-14-05
Submitted by Ben H
Location: Minnesota
Level: amateur
Avg Drive: 325
Throws: Righty
Throwing Style(s): Backhand, Sidearm
Disc Weights: 166
Review: I bought this flick in the 166 weight to use as a sidearm driver, and it does that very well. As the other reviewers have mentioned, this is an extremely fast disc. In the 166 weight, discraft rates it as a +2.5 (the 150s are a +2, i think), and it is all of that. Thrown sidearm, it can handle quite a bit of anhyzer and flex out as long as you throw it high enough. In fact, I was throwing it baseball style (3/4 between sidearm and tomahawk) and it was turning back out of that. Also does well with Tomahawks and skips well for that shot is needed. Too stable to be my main driver, but has found its way into my regular rotation after about 4 rounds.
Posted: 5-01-05
Submitted by Robb
1 word: HOLYCOW! I recently bought a 150g Elite Z Flick on Ebay. I've seen some Flicks at local stores, but not in the 150 class. I have a headwind driver (a 174g Orc), so I just wanted speed and distance. I'd seen the ultra-low profile on the disc and could tell without throwing it that it would be fast. The design is unique in that the profile is so low that it is actually taller from the bottom of the disc to the lip than from the lip to the top of the flight plate. In other words, the top is EXTREMELY flat. There's no dome at all--the flight plate is completely flat from the edge of the rim all the way across. The lip is very thin and sharp. The angle of the platic both on top and bottom of the rim is very sharp. The disc just looks fast. And it is. With that design, I thought it would be too overstable and get no glide, but boy was I wrong. The first time I threw it, I got a beautiful long, slow s-curve. It does finish overstable, but not in the same way as a Firebird, for example. And for the low profile, it gets an amazing amount of glide. I have 2 Orcs, and the Flick is significantly faster. It's definitely the fastest disc I've thrown, including the Orc, Valkyrie, Crush, Flash, Starfire....it's fast. Again, by the design, and its 2.0 stability rating, I thought it would not be a good disc for beginners. Maybe it's the light weight of the disc, but I don't see where it gets a 2.0 stability rating. It is very easy to throw, good for a beginner. If thrown anhyzer, it holds its turn for probably 2/3 of its flight before flattening out and tailing off to the left. If thrown hyzer, it will hold a good hyzer line through all of its flight, and fly for a loooooong way. If thrown hard and flat, it will turn slightly right, about as much as an Orc, then flatten and go straight for a long way, and tail off left for about the last 1/6 of its flight. From what I've seen, it seemed like Discraft was just imitating Innova molds. The Flash seems just like the Beast, the Crush seems like the Orc, the Xpress seems like the Tee Bird, even the Challenger seems like the Aviar, and so on. But Discraft has definitely got a leg up on Innova with the Flick. There's no answer to the speed and distance. I bet this could break the distance record.
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