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Elite Z MRV

Type: Midrange
Diameter: 21.1cm
Available Weights: 165-174g
Plastic: Discraft Elite Z

Elite Z MRV
Flight Rating Category Value What Discraft says:
The Elite Z MRV has similar flight characteristics to and is slightly more over-stable than the Elite X MRV.
Maximum Flight Speed 6.0
Resistance To High Speed Turn 5.0
Amount Of Low Speed Fade 4.0
Propensity To Fade 4.0
Glide 4.5
Relative Distance 4.5
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level 2.5
Predictability 3.5
Uniformity Of Break In Period 5.0
Overall Durability 5.0 Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 08-05-05
Submitted by Alan Sweeton afsweeton@liberty.edu
PDGA: 22691
Location: Princeton, NJ and Lynchburg, VA
Level: Advanced Am
Avg Drive: 325-350
Disc Weights: 174
Review: I've been playing for almost 3 years and I usually play Advanced Am. While I love new drivers and would much rather throw the long drives than lay up, I've realized the importance of a good short games, I see the value in laying up, and I've struggled to find the disc that could help me do that. People often say that Rocs should be your main disc, etc. We've all heard it. But personally I don't like the DX Plastic because it gets beat up too quick and the discs characteristics change too rapidly. Recently I've been trying out the Super Roc in the SE Plastic and its pretty dang good, but I think I still prefer my Elite Z MRV. I've read that people were skeptical of the MRV at first because it was too similar to the Roc. Well, I was happy personally because I could throw my MRV, that would perform just like a Roc, but since it was Elite Z it wouldn't get damaged. This disc is great for short drives around 175' to 250' when you need to go straight and can't go wrong. For laying up under the basket it's a little hard and tends to skip and I prefer using a JK-Aviar X, an XD, or a Pro Classic Roc. Basically this disc is Discraft's xerox of the Roc and I would recommend it for the better plastic.
Posted: 10-21-03
Submitted by HipHopWong
I'm an intermediate to advanced right handed Amateur. For shorter drives I normally throw a Roc but the problem with Rocs is that when they break in, they fade straight and won't fade left at all. The courses I play here in Oregon are heavily wooded and many times you need a short drive that will fade left. This is when I reach for the Elite Z MRV. The Elite X and Pro D MRV's tend to fly like Rocs but the Elite Z has that nice left fade which is great when you have trees between you and the basket and you need to fade around those obstacles. If you love Innova Rocs but need a disc that fades left at the end I'd strongly suggest trying out an Elite Z MRV.
Posted: 10-05-01
Submitted by Paul Wharton <PAUWHARTON@aol.com>
It's more stable than the regular elite plastic, but unlike most Z/C plastic it doesn't take a Stokely-esque arm to get it to fly straight. Low speed it is going to fade pretty hard. I throw this disc forehand and backhand when I'm in tight spots or I need a slow, sweeping shot. It does not have as fast a top speed as the elite version does -- but in a field the distance is practically the same. Got a couple chances to throw the CE Roc and this disc side by side . . . .don't try to convince the Rocheads of it -- but they're interchangable. I'm still throwing the first elite MRV I bought a year ago - with this Z plastic I'll have to play courses with more water if I ever expect to get to buy another midrange disc.
Posted: 10-02-01
Submitted by Scott Miller <ksarrow@onemain.com>
The Elite Pro MRV is a midrange disc that is fairly straight with very little overstable turn. The Elite Z MRV is similar to the Elite Pro version but in the nearly indestructable Z plastic. If you have played with other Z discs, you will notice that this one is very different. It is not thin like the Z drivers. It is domed, thick and has a very abrupt lower edge. Because it is thick, it seems to take up the space equivalent of two drivers in my bag. It feels like a Roc, except perhaps slightly thicker. I have found that the Elite Z MRV is more overstable than the regular MRV - much more like the regular MRX. Because of the lower rim, it will not skip - in fact it skips less than a Roc and a Roc doesn't skip much at all. I use this disc to plop a midrange shot down at the base of the basket from 50-100 feet away when I don't think I have a chance of hitting the chains with my standard midrange (which I use a Cobra or a Roc) or don't want to take the chance of missing and gliding 20 feet beyond the basket. The EliteZ MRV is hard and it will not give if it hits the rim of the basket or chains and has a high likelihood of bouncing out or away. Luckily, it doesn't roll when it hits the ground. If you can get used to the wierd feel of the thickness, dome and Z plastic, by all means try the Elite Z MRV.
Posted: 8-15-01
By Blake Takkunen - the Webmaster - <blake@discgolf.com>
My Review:
The Elite Z MRV is a moderate speed slightly overstable midrange. The Elite Z plastic is durable in a similar fashion as Innova's CE plastic. The Elite Z MRV is a little bit faster and more overstable than the Elite Pro MRV but also has less glide. When thrown hard, the MRV flies pretty straight and has a very similar flight path to a Roc. The MRV will have slight high speed turn, decent glide and will fade left as it slows down. The MRV performs better than a Roc with a tailwind, but into a headwind or left to right crosswind the Roc will hold its line better without turning over. Aside from the general flight path, the MRV and Roc have many differences. The Roc flies better with the nose down while the MRV flies best when thrown flat. The MRV's smaller diameter lets it fly a touch faster than a Roc but also has a bit less glide. It is also a more forgiving than a Roc as a weaker throw with a Roc will result i quite a bit of fade while a weaker throw with an MRV will hold a straighter path with less fade or stall out and drop slightly to the left. The Elite Z MRV is one of my longer midranges and i can throw it in the 225-275 foot range quite consistenly. This disc might be replacing my Roc in my bag as I throw it more consistently off the tee with the same distance and flight path but I will need to experiment with it more in the wind first. I think the MRV is a great choice for a long midrange but I also think the addition of a shorter midrange/approach disc to cover the 125-200 foot range is ideal. Also of note, I have had problems gripping the Elite Z plastic and especially the MRV. I'm sure it will just take some getting used to, but the Z plastic is quite a bit more slick than the Elite Pro plastic.
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