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Elite Z Putt'r

Type: Putt and Approach
Diameter: 21.0cm
Available Weights: 165-174g
Plastic: Discraft Elite Z

Elite Z Putt'r
Flight Rating Category Value What Discraft says:
Maximum Flight Speed NA
Resistance To High Speed Turn NA
Amount Of Low Speed Fade NA
Propensity To Fade NA
Glide NA
Relative Distance NA
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level NA
Predictability NA
Uniformity Of Break In Period NA
Overall Durability NA Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 07-14-06
Submitted by moonlit
Avg Drive: 300
Disc Weights: 173
Review: Great feeling disc with a smooth, rounded rim. It glides nicely through the air. It has a nice finesse for left or right approaches. I have two problems with it though. One is that it has spun out of the chains too often for me. The other is on the occasions where I hit the side of the basket, it tends to roll a long, long way away. Too bad for me I guess. Maybe if Discraft introduces the Putt'r in soft plastic, I'll give it another try. If not for the mentioned problems I would still be using the Putt'r. I currently own four 175-176 gr Soft Magnets and I am very pleased with them.
Posted: 12-23-04
Submitted by Anonymous
I am an intermediate player who plays once or twice a week. Ever since I started playing disc golf I had been on a quest to find the right putter for me; I have finally found it in the Z Putt'r. I started with the Magnet, but that dropped too fast and was a little more overstable than I wanted. I really wanted a disc that I could hyzer or anhyzer sligtly around objects between me and the basket. This disc is really straight with a little trail off to the left (rhbh) predictably at the end. It has the ability to easily be thrown with an anhyzer and glide around an object consistently to the basket. In fact, I find my putts becoming more accurate with it as I begin to putt with a very slight anhyzer all the time. I went to the X Putt'r on the recomendation of a local shop owner and loved it at first. After a bit of use, it got a little beat up and wobbly and I started to lose confidence due to it spinning off the chains (it was really soft and grippy). It would also bounce pretty far off of the basket. I then went to the Birdie putter because it throws similar to the X Putt'r but it was a little less grippy. It is less tacky, but not quite what I was looking for. So I decided to try to Z plastic for a really smooth, hard plastic with flight characteristics similar to the X Putt'r. It is much more solid than the other two, but a tiny bit more overstable. It never spins out of the chains and is a very predictable putter. It also stops in a hurry if you miss the basket and doesn't bounce far off of the basket if you miss the chains. This disc has made my putting much more consistent. It's one major downfall is that the wind plays havoc on medium to long putts. If it's really windy I sometimes even putt with my midrange for longer putts. On calm days I even use this as a nice stable approach disc if I am fairly close to the hole but it's not quite puttable yet. This disc is a great and accurate tool which I should never have to replace. It is more expensive than other putters, but well worth it for consistency and durability.
Posted: 08-03-02
Submitted by: Phill Schmidt - <relient_skater@hotmail.com>
Level: Amateur
Discraft's elite z putt'r is a slower putter that glides its way to the hole. It is a very straight putter. Before I got the "Putt'r", I used rhyno's, but they really got beat up after a while. Also, my rhyno's didnt fly very straight at the end of their flight, which presented a problem for the longer putts I tried for. With the Putt'r made from elite z plastic, you dont run in to the "beat up" problem quickly, and, since the putt'r is so domey, it flies very straight, but then drops at the end of its flight (which means that you can go for a shot with confidence, and even if you miss, you still have a nice easy shot to make after), and it flies kind of like a traditional catch frisbee. All in all, the Elite z putt'r has a great feel, looks cool, and flies extremely straight. (on my first day of trying it out, i made a 65 foot putt with it) There is only one downside to the putter. It costs more than most of the other putters. If you decide to get it, I would recommend a weight around 170g (Mine was a 172).
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