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ESP Buzzz

Type: Midrange
Available Weights:
Plastic: Discraft ESP

ESP Buzz
Flight Rating Category Value What Discraft says:
Maximum Flight Speed NA
Resistance To High Speed Turn NA
Amount Of Low Speed Fade NA
Propensity To Fade NA
Glide NA
Relative Distance NA
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level NA
Predictability NA
Uniformity Of Break In Period NA
Overall Durability NA Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 12-14-07
Submitted by Pete G
Disc Weights: 173-176
Review: I loved the Buzzz since i started throwing it in the elite-x plastic, but when i got my hands on the ESP Buzzz, it became my disc of choice. The ESP plastic feels great in your hands, and i get consistent, controlled drives and approaches from the Buzzz. I use the Buzzz on 90% of drives under 300', and some over that. I carry two ESP Buzzzez in my bag - one beat up which i can flip, and one newish one that stays more stable. In a 1-disc competition, i'd either use an ESP Buzzz or a FLX Buzzz (i like the FLX slightly more for approaches and long putts, and the ESP slightly more for drives).
Posted 09-19-07
Submitted by Eddy G
Disc Weights: 174
Review: Fantastic disc. I've been throwing roc's for years and I think this disc is much friendlier to throw. I have two questions for you, are you flipping the roc over at full power? Is the roc to touchy for you? Then get a buzz. The release on this disc is so smooth, I haven't grip-locked it yet. The only throw I would NOT recommend using this disc for is a sweeping anheyser. It will fade back to quickly for this shot. I also noticed it is longer than a roc as well. What are you waiting for, go out and get one. It could very well be the only midrange you'll ever need. It's the best.
Posted 08-31-07
Submitted by Eddy G
Disc Weights: 175
Review: The Buzz is the best mid-range out there, period. I'm a rochead but find that this disc is much easier to throw, and way less prown to turnover.

It's combination of great glide with the ease of throwing make it hard to beat. You can make this disc do just about anything you want, with not a lot of effort. I find it best for soft straight hyser's, straight shots or high sweeping anny's. 250-320 is how far this thing can go for me. A must for the bag. I would almost get rid of all my drivers, and replace them with buzzes!
Posted 08-18-07
Submitted by Matt Wahlstrand stealthbanana42@gmail.com
PDGA: 33399
Location: St. Cloud, MN
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 450
Disc Weights: 177
Review: Beautiful disc. I've heard it said that this is Discraft's answer to the Roc. In my opinion, this disc is near perfect. Once it's broken in, it does what you tell it to, pure and simple. If you throw it hyzer, it STAYS hyzer, if you throw it anhyzer, it STAYS anhyzer. If you throw it straight, it flies like it has a homing device on board. Even works for slight hyzer-flips. Fast enough to handle some snap, but not so fast as to sacrifice ANY control. If I were to be forced to play with only one disc, this is it.
Posted 03-18-07
Submitted by Noah ESPeciallyGlory@hotmail.com
Location: Michigan
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 350
Disc Weights: 176
Review: The Buzz was the first disc that ever showed me any kind of accuracy. I (like most people) started out buying the best overstable discs I could find and I could never do anything but hook them left. I finally decided to be smart and try a stable midrange and that's when disc golf really became fun for me.

I started with a Pro-D Buzzz and had great success. Brand new they fly dead nuts straight, at medium speeds, with hardly any fade. Once my disk got beat up, I couldn't help turning it over (even starting full on hyzer). So I figured it was time for a new one and I wanted something that would last. The ESP plastic is absolutely my favorite. I've never tried this disk in Z but I have a Wasp (very similar) in Z and it is VERY hard plastic in comparison to the ESP. It flies pretty much just like the D version, but you can tell it will last a bit longer.

In general, I think the Buzzz is a great disk to start with because it flies very straight with no need for a lot of arm strength. I used it as my driver until I started overpowering it. Pick one up in Pro-D to try it out...only $6.
Posted 03-13-07
Submitted by Craig D craigdyke2003@yahoo.com
PDGA: 26387
Location: Columbus Ohio
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 450
Disc Weights: 172-175
Review: The ESP Buzz is hands down my favorite disc in my bag! I can throw it flat, hyzer, anhyzer and it stays on that line the whole flight. I carry two of them, one brand new one for windy days and hyzers and a "seasoned" one for long anhyzers and flat shots. Its the go to disc in my bag for all drives under 325 and anything that requires pinpoint accuracy. Go out and buy a few and you will see!
Posted 10-22-06
Submitted by Dan Anderson frontman311@gmail.com
Location: Michigan
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 400
Disc Weights: Any
Review: Please read the Z Buzz reviews others and myself have put up, I'll compare it to that.

The Buzz in ESP will fly like it's Z counterpart brand new. The main thing is that it has almost become as beaten as my Z Buzz (see other review) in about 1/4 of the time.

I would reccomend this disc over the Z if you are looking for more of a rotation through your bag of beat up discs v. disc that fly like new for a while.
Posted 10-10-06
Submitted by Fabricio Abdala venon28@yahoo.com
Disc Weights: 175g
Review: I love the ESP buzzz , it holds the line ultil the end just like the 2001 ce roc or better.
Posted 07-23-06
Submitted by Kris nightblazer420@yahoo.com
Disc Weights: 170
Review: Simply amazing midrange. This disc will hold any line you put on it. Extremely straight flyer, and the ESP plastic is extremely durabale ( Discraft's answer to STAR plastic) I think it may be time to retire my DX roc, I can toss the buzzz and easy 300+ but now I don't have to worry to much about trees. I'd recommend this disc to anyone who drives with a midrange alot, or someone who is looking for a very reliable disc that will do what they want, when they want.
Posted 07-20-06
Submitted by Brandon Victor
Location: Columbia MO
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 400
Disc Weights: 177
Review: The ESP Buzzz is a great disc. Even though I favor a seasoned D Wasp to hold a line, I still pick this disc up for long gentle anhyzers off the teepad. Pinpoint accuracy, and very durable. The ESP plastic is a bit difficult to grip when it is hot and really humid outside, but other then that I have no complaints. Great overall mid range driver.
Posted 07-20-06
Submitted by Calvin
Location: Spring, TX
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 300
Disc Weights: 176
Review: This is by far the straightest disc that I have ever thrown. It has complete stability, it goes exactly where I tell it to, bringing a huge grin to my face each time I throw it. I used to be a INNOVA ONLY kind of guy, but after purchasing this disc, I will be looking a lot more into Discraft. Once again, this is an amazing disc; straight as can be and still able to get 200'+ from it. I highly recommend Discraft's Buzz ESP
Posted 07-13-06
Submitted by Josh Location: OHIO
Level: Beginner
Avg Drive: 325
Disc Weights: 174
Review: I have only been playing for like 3 1/2 months. Slowly my power has increased. Im throwing a 175 Champion Orc off the tee about 320. I started blowing it by some of the holes in the 280 range. So i was looking for a midrange that I could throw in the 280 range, with accuracy, w\out turning it over. I had a Discraft MRV that would turn right real bad at full power. (for reference I also turn over, cyclones, cobras, comets) Enter the ESP Buzz. Thus far it goes about 300 on a level throw. Does have a bit more hyzer finish than I had hoped for. But still relatively slight. Its a large diamater disc with quite a bit of glide, and speed for a midrange. The ESP plastic is shiny, grippy and kind of floppy. Very similar to Innova Star Plastic in feel and toughness but much less rigid. Best midrange I have come across for my throwing power. Definitely holds its line very well. Disc has a real flat top and a smooth edge. very comfortable. Downside: If I throw it as hard as I can it drifts slighly right. maybe 20-30 feet right across 300 ft. I suppose I just need to release it more hyzer to get more distance without the turn. Im still learning! Still it should fill the 100-280 space in my arsenal very well By the way, Go with the light blue, sweet looking and easy to find.

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