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Gateway Disc Sports

Type: Driver
Available Weights:

Flight Rating Category Value What Gateway says:
Maximum Flight Speed NA
Resistance To High Speed Turn NA
Amount Of Low Speed Fade NA
Propensity To Fade NA
Glide NA
Relative Distance NA
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level NA
Predictability NA
Uniformity Of Break In Period NA
Overall Durability NA Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 05-14-07
Submitted by Fabricio Abdala venon28@yahoo.com
Disc Weights: 176g
Review: The gateway Spirit is a super fast overtable driver, faster than the wraith or anything elso I ever tryed before, for very powerful players it can be used as a long distance predictable hyzer driver with a beautiful hard skip at the end like no other disc will provide, and I tryed them all ! Now for players that have a hard time pumping 300' I would sugest having a spirit in the bag only for upshots and to get out of walls .... if you like to flick , you can never go wrong flicking a spirit , it will never flip over , even in a huricane head wind ! I throw %50 gateway and %50 innova , but I garanty you that gateway knows better how to make an overstable driver ! Spirit, you only need one in the bag , because they will last forever in the E plastic .
Posted 04-27-07
Submitted by Mark Heller maheller@ptd.net
Location: Allentown, PA
Level: Amateur
Disc Weights: 171
Review: Although I do not use this disc often during a normal round of play, it is indispensable in certain situations. Anytime you need to get around objects with a sharp turn this is your disc. I have not thrown anything as overstable. The wind does not affect its flight. I do not throw with enough power/snap to get great distance with it on backhand drives. However, thrown properly with a forehand I can get it to go almost as far as a Wraith or Teerex.
Posted 07-19-06
Submitted by jiwaburst manueloliver@earthlink.net
Location: central valley, CA
Level: Amateur
Disc Weights: 174
Review: The Spirit is a fast, overstable driver. It is quite domey, and glides very well when turned over. But it also is overstable enough to dive into the ground for a skip shot or a conservative approach if wanted. I haven't encountered a strong enough wind to get this disc to not act overstable.

Mostly though I use it as my sidearm driver, and for this purpose it is a marvellous disc. For me, much longer than a Monster or a Firebird, and I have yet to try a Pred. Its glide allows all sorts of wacky S curve lines to be executable. Because of that, if you have a ton of speed and torque on your forehand, you might really be able to manipulate the heck out of this disc. Knowing about this disc, and how to use this disc is my biggest secret advantage over other golfers.

The one scary thing about this disc though is that it is so rigid. So combined with that overstability and speed, this disc feels like it could injure someone.

It's the disc I most fear losing from my bag. The Spirit isn't as stupid overstable as the Speed Demon, but I doubt I'll ever need more than the Spirit provides.
Posted 06-15-06
Submitted by Will Roan willrichtor@yahoo.com
Location: SE Texas
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 325
Disc Weights: 170
Review: The Gateway EVO Spirit is simply amazing. It's an overstable, ultra long range driver made out of what may be the grippiest, most durable plastic on the market today. As I understand, the polymer that Gateway uses in the E line is pretty much the same stuff that coats the outside of golf balls, and most everyone knows how tough that stuff is. It will scuff and scrape under extreme abuse, like repeated skipping across gravel paths, but it's tougher than anything else that I have seen, including old CE plastic, Champion, Z, and the very overrated Star line.

The spirit itself is incredibly fast, and severely overstable. They modified the wing and nose of the Speed Demon to straighten it out a bit, but really, they just ended up with a faster Speed Demon. It's not any LESS overstable, so to say, but it's significantly faster, so it gets downfield further before hyzering out. Overstable discs, before gateway came along, pretty much had one thing in common - NO glide. The theory being, less dome to the flight plate results in less effect from meddling winds. Gateway challenges that theory, and proves that while it may not be WRONG technically, it's an archaic theory perpetuated by a company who refuses to INNOVAte, instead opting to wear blinders in their approach to developing new discs. Imagine, if you will, a MonsterX, with higher speed capability than a Wraith or TeeRex, glide equal or surpassing that of a DX Valkyrie, and a nose angle and wing that really do justify the use of the trademark "Hyperlift" technology moniker.

Simply put, if you can manage to throw really hard with a lot of spin, and keep the nose down, the Spirit will travel as far, flat, 3 feet off the ground, as a wraith or Tee Rex can on a huge hyzer bomb. Somehow, when snapped hard and flat, this disc does not lose any altitude untill the last 10-15% of it's flight. I imagine the pronounced dome has a lot to do with it.

So, if you can take the grip, which is sharp, low profile, and quite wide - then, ANYTHING your overstables can do, the Spirit can do better, period. Better skips, better hyzers, better wind fighting, better distance, better CONTROL over shorter drives, and it's an awesome pancake/thumber disc, and will ALMOST complete the same helix flight as an Epic if snapped right with a thumber. Backhand, sidearm, overhand, doesn't matter. Start it turned over out of your hand and give it JUST enough height to fade out of the annheyzer and you will see incredible distance, much moreso than a flex shot from a FX or Monster, because of the better glide. When new, you can start it at a roller angle, and it will hyzer out AND skip.

This is THE overstable driver today, nothing else compares. The only thing I haven't tried with it yet is a finger roll, which the sharp edge seems like it might not be as suited to as, say, the wide roller edge of a monster or firebird. If you like, and can handle overstable drivers, you WILL throw this one farther than any other, I promise you. Forget the monster, teerex, flick, etc. The spirit beats them all.
Posted: 06-05-05
Submitted by Drew
Darthhippo@aol.com Location: Toledo OH
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 400
Throws: Righty
Throwing Style(s): Backhand
Disc Weights: 175
Plastic: H Series
Review: The Spirit is, in a word, overstable. I throw RHBH, and toss Z-Crushes, Champ Firebirds, Champ Monsters and Champ Whippet-Xs. I know my overstable plastic, and the Spirit has every overstable disc I've tossed beat.

Part of that might have to do with "cruising speed". As Blake has suggested, if you throw a disc below its cruising speed, it will finish more overstable. It's distinctly possible that my throws of the Spirit, like my throws with the Illusion, are just to slow.

The Spirit is shorter than most other drivers in my bag, maxing out around 300 or 320 because of its strong desire to dive left and into the ground.

Nevertheless, the Spirit is a great disc into the wind, or for an absurd left-curving hole with obstacles that you can't throw over. When going into an unknown course, I carry mine with me as a just-in-case disc, but on my home courses, it stays in the car. On a super-windy day, it might jump in the bag as well.

If other overstable discs just aren't enough in the winds you face, the Spirit might be your answer.
Posted: 4-25-04
Submitted by Alex Rowan arowan@uni.edu

Plastic: S
This is a long range driver. When new it gets a TON of forward bite, but then breaks back hard. As it wears in, this disc will begin to finish straight. In the S plactic, it wears quite quickly. In a short time it went from overstable to stable to understable. It is quite a skipper too. This disc can be thrown a long way without a lot of height on the throw. It's a similar mold to the speed demon without the bead on the outer rim.
Posted: 3-14-04
Submitted by Brian Luedtke <ThaDiscGolfMan@msn.com>
The Gateway Spirit in Evolution Plastic (174 grams) is an extremely fast, wide-rimmed, overstable, very long range driver. This is my first Gateway driver I have ever bought. Love the Soft Wizard putter, so I thought I'd try their newest driver that claims to stand up to a Crush. First of all, this disc requires a hell of a lot of snap and power to get to fly straight in calm conditions. Don't try this as a distance driver unless you are capable of throwing over 400' on flat ground. However for throwers with less power, this will make a great hyzer disc. If I was using Discraft's stability scale to rate this disc, I'd give it about a 2. This disc is my headwind driver of choice. It goes extremely far for an overstable disc. It doesn't fade off hard like a lot of overstable discs, it just keeps gliding and gliding. I have thrown this disc around 400' on flat ground into about a 15 mph headwind. The wind simply doesn't effect this disc. Another thing I found interesting was that it is capable of flying very low off the ground for a very long time. Shots that would normally be worm-burners just keep going and going. You can throw this disc 5 feet off the ground for 400' if you want to. I guess this is due to their so-called Hyper-Lift technology in the disc. They aren't lying about that. Bottom line, this is the farthest flying disc in my bag for headwinds, plus it is a great hyzer disc for calmer conditions and tail-winds. It is a little too overstable to mess with the Crush distance wise in normal conditions, but into a headwind where you want distance, and don't want to risk turning over another driver, throw this disc. Longest headwind driver in the market in my opinion. The Evolution plastic feels nice in your hand. Plenty of grip. However, I do question its durability. I've only had the disc for 5 days now and it is already pretty nicked up from playing on a wooded course a few days ago. Its durability is comparable to Discraft's Elite X plastic. Maybe not even as durable as that. Definitely not in the same league as Champion or Z Plastic. Good disc overall though. I recommend it.
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