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Innova Champion
Champion Edition Aviar

Type: Midrange
Diameter: 21.2cm
Available Weights: 165-175g
Plastic: Innova CE Plastic
What Innova Says: The Champion Aviar offers all the same features of the Aviar Putt & Approach except it is made in our durable Champion Plastic. This disc is made with a special putter blend that is very grippy and has very little bounce to help keep putts in the basket.
Posted 11-22-06
Submitted by Matt G3Accord@yahoo.com
Disc Weights: 168
Review: This is the worst disc in the innova line-up. I would sugest a discraft magnet or dx aviar. the champion avair sucks.
Posted: 2-09-05
Submitted by Layne D
Disc: Innova Champion Aviar (165g)
I am an intermediate right-handed player with 10+ yrs of experience. I only throw overhand when I putt. I am the type of player that will go for a predictable drive and approach vs. trying for a very long drive. I have found the key to a good score isn’t a super long drive but a reliable approach & predictable putting throw. I have tried several putters but currently I have tried several putters but currently I only use two putters (Innova DX Aviar & Aero). This review is for the Champion Aviar (165). I hated this disk. I have been playing disc golf for a long time and was very excited to purchase a Champion Aviar as my experience with the champion plastic has been fantastic. For the most part the champion plastic is indestructible and very resistant to warping and damage. Almost all of my drivers are championship plastic but I did not realize how much different my putting would be. I found the championship plastic to be terrible for my own game. The first thing I noticed was that the grip of the disk was completely different from the DX version even though the 2 disks are shaped the same. I have become so accustomed to the older DX plastic (putting with a DX Aero & Aviar for 10 years) that I simply could not reliably hit any puts outside of 15 ft with the champion plastic. Please note I have no complaints about this disk, it flies great, it is a fantastic short approach and putter………..but it simply was not comfortable for me to use. Unfortunately I could not get used to the newer plastic and after several games and too many missed putts I gave up on this disk and traded it to a friend for a back up roller.
Posted: 08-09-01
My Review:
The CE Aviar is a slow, slightly overstable approach/midrange disc. The CE version is made from the beadless Aviar Putt & Approach mold and not the beaded Aviar Driver mold. An odd note, the plastic on the bottom of the flight plate is rough and not smooth like the other CE discs. This model is slightly faster and slightly more overstable than the Aviar Putter, however, it has less resistance to turnover than the KC and DX Aviar drivers. I generally use this disc for gentle hyzers in the 60-125' range and reserve my KC Aviar for straight throws in the 175' and less range. Unfortunately, I prefer the beaded Aviars and I can make a legitimate run at the basket from around 100'. With the same motion and power, I turn the CE over. The CE version does skip more than the Aviar Putter and is much more resiliant but is also stiffer and would probably not make a very good putter.
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