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Innova Champion

Type: Driver
Diameter: 21.2cm
Available Weights: 145-150, 165-175g
Plastic: Innova DX

Flight Rating Category Value What Innova says:
The Eagle is our most popular ultra long range driver. The Eagle's superior speed, glide and flight characteristic stretch out power shots and allow the Eagle to fly past any other disc. It will also double as a long range power roller.
Maximum Flight Speed 7.5
Resistance To High Speed Turn 6.0
Amount Of Low Speed Fade 7.5
Propensity To Fade 5.5
Glide 6.5
Relative Distance 9.0
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level 3.0
Predictability 2.5
Uniformity Of Break In Period 2.5
Overall Durability 2.0 Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 08-24-07
Submitted by Takeichi Stakeichi7@yahoo.com
Location: La Mirada Ca
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 350
Disc Weights: 171
Review: The new dx eagle is accurate. This is currently my go to disc for sidearm and backhand, Reason being, the flight is as predictable as my throw.

It's not as Speedy as the new discs like the wraith pulse destroyer quarter k etc etc. but if thrown correctly you can throw it about 50 feet less than your distance drivers.

The Fade is quite predictable and as it wears in it becomes less fadey... just as all the other discs do but without distance loss. i'm quite surprised at how far this disc flies and how easy it is to control.
Posted 07-08-07
Submitted by j threeclubspoker@hotmail.com
Disc Weights: 150
Review: This review is for my 6 year old son. He had been throwing a 150 class Leopard as his driver but recently was given a 150 Eagle. Almost instantly his drives became longer and more controlled. As he's still learning to throw properly, this disc is really helping him develop his drives more effectively. The Leopard in the 150 is still a good disc but I was impressed by his ability to throw the Eagle much farther and more accurately.
Posted 04-27-06
Submitted by JR irondog2112@hotmail.com
Disc Weights: 174
Review: I bought the Eagle as one of my first discs. I have been playing about 5 years now, but haven't learned anything good until 2 years ago, and I am a pretty good intermediate player. My drive isn't long just under 350 but I am very accurate. I personally wouldnt call a DX Eagle a driver, but the champion one is a good sidearm driver and great roller. I am here though to review the DX. Even at 174 grams this disc feels extremely light, but it flies in any wind well anyway. The only time I ever reach for this disc is when I need a very accurate approach and it needs to either curve around a tree or skip under something, and man does this disc skip with total control. I am still trying to ace this one hole at my home course that is 180 ft and cruves left with a lot of tree block. If I had a dollar for all the times I bounced it off the chains....With this disc I can make it skip within inches of my target and then it turns even sharper after coming back up.Great for getting around or under messy obstacles. It is stable enough to be thrown kinda hard without turning over on me, and will dfefinately fade at the end, and will skip if thrown with a hyzer, and a loose grip. If you dont have one, you are missing the fun way of getting out of a crappy lie and getting back into the competition. Between the Eagle and the ROC I don't need any other accuracy approach disc.
Posted: 06-05-05
Submitted by Patrick Amazing1boy@aol.com
Avg Drive: 425-450
Throws: Righty
Throwing Style(s): Backhand, Sidearm
Disc Weights: 149
Review: If youve read any other reviews i have submitted you will notice that my average drive is now in fact at the 400' mark if not more. I recently went on a road trip with my friends to play most the disc courses in colorado (a blast to do) one day however was fairly windy. I only used my eagle w. 149 for downwind on long holes. Ive never been that great at throwing this disc, and honestly wasnt too familiar with it. After playing the frisco course (long heavily wooded narrow fairways) all day with a back wind on many holes (including the 636' hole with about a 20' wide fairway) i became comfortable throwing my eagle. On the long hole i made par (playing the whole course as a par 3) landing my second drive (only 150') with my Z Glide under the basket. I wouldnt imagine this without the eagle making a over 450' arrow straight head high drive. Now knowing how to throw this disc sidearm (my long drive method: anythign over 350' w/ o moderate dogleg) no wind over 400' no problem. I look forward to buying an eagle in a heavier weight abt 170 for normal winds.

Over all this disc is great for sidearm drives, And suprisingly easy not to overpower(i tend to overpower speed 9 discs sidearm)

Another sidearm problem this disc conqures is the fade. I tend to get alot more fade sidearm than backhand. I decided this minimized fade is due to the lower throw this disc craves.

Good disc, buy one...
Posted: 3-21-05
Submitted by Troy - Charlotte, NC
I found a 148 Eagle yesterday and wasn't familiar with it at all. It is fairly worn but no name or Phone # on it so it's mine now. I went out today and played Kilborne in Charlotte NC. On hole one I tried the eagle out and got a 10 ft birdie after the drive. On hole 2 I went to my Orc cause it seems to hook left very consistently when thrown with medium power. I got a good drive but decided to throw the Eagle also since noone was behind me...I tee'd off and it looked like a really good throw at medium power as it disappeared behind the trees I reached down to grab my bag and heard the unmistakeable ching of the chains. I think everyone at Kilborne heard me screaming as this was my first ace. I have only been playing about a month and a half but am catching on pretty quick. The beat up eagle flies very predictably if hysered or anhysered I can already tell it will become a top go to disk. It seems to act like a light Valkyrie or possibly a light Dragon. Take Care and Happy Golfing
Posted: 1-15-04
Submitted by Brian cdale600@hotmail.com
Brian; Intermediate Amateur sidearm driver. I find there are very few reviews by people who throw sidearm most of the time, my drive of choice. I find the Eagle to be a great straight distance driver as when released flat it will slightly S with good glide, with a moderate to small amount of fade at the end. I find I must release it flat as it will hyzer quite severely if the outside edge drops. If thrown with the outside edge up it can anhyzer as well. I personally find it similar to the Gazelle but with less fade at slow speeds and slightly more distance.
Posted: 8-28-03
Submitted by Will williethekid@sbglobal.net
I've been playing disc golf for a whopping 3 days now, and chose the eagle Dx(168g) as my learning driver after reading the reviews on this site. I think I made an excellent decision seeming as after 3 rounds I can make this driver do anything. I've been playing ultimate for a long time and decided to drive with a right-handed forehand. I get drives in the 250' range consistently(good for a beginner?). It's also quite forgiving and on bad shots only goes 10-15' off my inteneded line. I would recommend this disc to anyone who has played other disc sports and has a fairly strong arm.
Posted: 8-15-03
Submitted by Anonymous
I am right hand side armer and would consider myself an advanced beginner . I have had great luck driving side arm with a Millennium LS -- until I beat it up. A month ago I saw 2 right hand side arm throwers on my local course. They were making super long drives without going much higher than about head height (about 6 feet). Envious of their skills, I had to ask what disc they were using. The simply said "Eagle 175". I got a Pro Eagle 175g the next day, and it has added about 50 feet to my drive taken about 7 strokes off my game. It only took me one game to get used to making the long low throw, but it is very predictable with the Eagle. There is only a slight fade to the right at the end of the drive (as it runs out of speed). Since the high speeds of my side arm throws don't mix with weak plastic and giant oak trees, I sprung the few extra bucks for the Pro Series. I've hit a few trees off the tee at high speeds, but they don't even put a scratch on the Pro plastic! I will never buy a basic driver again. The Eagle is also pretty forgiving for sloppy throws. I have a Pro Beast 175g and it is awesome for distance (I can out drive the Eagle by about 40 yards). But, you must have a perfect release to get that kind of distance. BOTTOM LINE = If you are a side arm thrower ... have an Eagle in your arsenal.
Posted: 8-15-03
Submitted by Anonymous
I have a 150 gram Eagle that was a great beginner disc when I started. Now, I use this lightweight disc as a utility disc. It is quite beat in, and it does almost anything. It glides, it skips, it bounces off trees and keeps going another 50 feet, it turns over, it rolls, it does loops around your opponent's head and then lands squarely in the basket ( maybe no tthat last one, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen with this disc)! The DX Eagle is great when new as a beginner's ifrst driver because of it's glide, turning weaker throws into long gliding shots. When well broken in, it is the perfect utility disc for tree shots, water shots, skip shots, and any other shot that you don't want to use your brand new driver. An excellent disc for all players.
Posted: 7-28-03
Submitted by Michael Warrington michael131134@hotmail.com
The Eagle is a fast ultra long range driver that is slightly over stable when new but when it is worn it is slightly understable. The Eagle (mine is 168g) has great distance. I am a right-hand back-hand thrower and am an intermediate young player. Unfortunately I did not have a very long time to learn what the Eagle was really like because I broke it on a tree. It got a crack about an inch long going into the centre. The throw was pretty hard but I had hit trees at that speed before and the Eagle had survived. I think the Eagle is a good disc, but it needs some improvement in durability. if you are going to buy an Eagle I suggest getting one made of better plastic like the Champion or Glow.
Posted: 05-01-02
By Blake Takkunen - the Webmaster - <blake@discgolf.com>
My Review:
The Eagle is a fast, small-diameter overstable driver. Currently Innova's flagship driver, the Eagle has a similar flight path and stability to the Cyclone but is a little faster with a hair more glide and distance. The Eagle also is a little easier to turn over and has a touch more fade to it. Comparing it to other discs, the Eagle has a tiny bit more turnover resistance than a Gazelle, and a bit less than a Teebird. It has a noticable amount of prounounced fade, not as much as the very overstable drivers such as the Banshee or Firebird, more in the realm of a Cheetah or JLS. The Eagle is especially useful for long straight to left shots, sweeping hyzers, and big anhyzer crush s-curves. As it ages, it will be able to hold a gradual right turn with a little bit of left fade at the end. This disc does take quite a bit of power to milk it for big distance. If you're starting to overpower your understable to stable drivers, the Eagle is a good next step. Distancewise, the Eagle is one of the longest discs on the market if you have the arm for it. It's a step or so longer than the Gazelle or Cheetah and a bit shorter than the Teebird or Valkyrie. The Eagle is also an excellent sidearm driver.
Posted: 11-17-01
Submitted by Chris Cauble <chriscauble@hotmail.com>
The Eagle is possibly among the best single discs available to all skill levels. New, it is long, a bit overstable, nice S curves, predictable, breaks in nicely. Definitely a long disc. Up there with all the birds for distance (Firebird, Teebird, etc). As it beats up, the Eagle still will fly long and gradually go understable. Witnessed a pinpoint ace of 240' ft at Hornet's Nest in Charlotte, NC on Hole 14, with a beat Eagle thrown by a player of 5 months. Was a religious experience. Eagles are the shiznit. Only criticism about Eagle is sometimes seems to get out of control a bit and likes to S after it is worn, when thrown hard. This is why I think the Teebird is basically a better Eagle for more experienced players. Beginners-GO BUY AN EAGLE. The Eagle flies free....
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