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Innova Champion

Type: Driver
Diameter: 21.2cm
Available Weights: 145-150, 165-175g
Plastic: Innova DX

Flight Rating Category Value What Innova says:
The Valkyrie has a combination of speed, flight characteristic and glide such that heavier weights fly extremely long upwind and lighter weights get extreme range downwind.
Maximum Flight Speed 8.5
Resistance To High Speed Turn 4.5
Amount Of Low Speed Fade 6.0
Propensity To Fade 4.0
Glide 7.5
Relative Distance 10.0
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level 2.0
Predictability 2.0
Uniformity Of Break In Period 2.0
Overall Durability 1.5 Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 12-03-06
Submitted by Adam Hill top__kat@hotmail.com
Disc Weights: 145-175
Review: I've been spending the last month in a field throwing drivers to improve on my distance. I throw a variety of Valks, Wraiths, a Sidewinder, Orc, Archangle, Banshee and a TL. The Valks are the most consistent driver I throw, and the lightweight 145 DX version goes the farthest of all of them with predictable trajectory. Second is the 169 Champ Sidewinder. The Wraiths come up long on certain shots, but then go way awry on other shots. The Valks typically provide the best long range drives in my bag. When they're new they're great for long range flex shots or low flying drives. As they get worn in they're the best for anhyzer shot, holding the left to right curve from start to finish. I also like that they don't have a big fade. If you throw them long and low they will go the distance and then sit down. More than any other disc I've tried I can put them where I want them at range.
Posted: 11-03-04
Submitted by signsandlettering@yahoo.com
I am an advanced amateur player playing for 5-6 years now and I'm a righty back handed thrower. The DX Valkyrie is by far the best and farthest flying ultra long range driver. It is unlike any other disc and will out drive all others. This driver surely stands alone in it's category. I recommend using this disc only out in the open because the flight characteristics will change once you hit a tree. I carry backup DX Valkyries just in case I do damage it and I'm now switching to the more durable Champion Valkyrie, which I find just as impressive.
Posted: 09-03-02
Submitted by Joe McKee <joemckee1@juno.com>
I am primarily a right-handed forehand thrower, and I find it difficult to get information regarding disc flight. I have only been playing for a month, but I practice every day in a wide-open field. The DX Valkyrie is my primary driver, due to it's excellent distance. I can make it go right, left or straight. It has more tendency to turn over and roll then a Whippet or Banshee, but much less than many other discs (e.g. a Cheetah or Discraft's Cyclone or Tracer).
Posted: 04-14-02
By Blake Takkunen - the Webmaster - <blake@discgolf.com>
My Review:
The DX Valkyrie is a very fast, slightly understable driver. This disc is very long with good glide and will hold a straight line in calm conditions with very little effort. Its resistance to turnover is fairly low, in the Cheetah, Leopard, XL, range with fade in the ballpark of a Cheetah, XL, or JLS. Speedwise it's right up there with the Eagle and Teebird but its flight path fits in with the newer trend of long-flying understable drivers. Distancewise it's up there with the other long-flyers on the market and I would definately rank it among Innova's longest drivers. The DX model is slower than the CE version but it also has more lift and better glide at the tradeoff of losing some predictability and accuracy. I throw the Valkyrie at a hyzer angle and let it flatten and fly straight. It will have a slight turn and a bit of fade depending upon wind conditions, weight, and wear of the disc. Thrown flat or into a headwind the Valkyrie turns quite a bit for me, often too much, so I reserve it for calm conditions and tailwinds. The Valkyrie has three distinct stages of wear, from new to worn to beat. When new it will hold the straightest lines and have the most fade, the worn stage will give line-drive s-curves when thrown hyzer and is probably the furthest flying stage, and when beat it's more of a long turnover-roller type disc as it will not flex. I try to carry all three stages of wear as I find a use for all of them and a beat DX Valk has currently become my turnover disc of choice. Because of the disc's tendency to have a lot of right-left "play" in its flight I generally choose not to throw this on tight holes with a low ceiling. I find success with this disc to depend largely on the power of the thrower. Bigger arms will find the Valk to fade very late (80-90%) in its flight if at all but lesser-powered players may experience quite a bit of fade distance earlier in its flight if they don't quite have the juice. Finesse is also important as this disc may flip hard and dive-bomb to the right if it's muscled or overpowered. Right now, the Valkyrie gives me the best average distance of any disc in my bag and when I'm on I can count on it for 370-390' and is about 10-20% longer than my other drivers. The Valkyrie has a very wide rim and players with small hands may find this disc awkward to grip and difficult to keep the nose down. Although this disc is quite beginner friendly, it's not #1 on my list when giving recommendations to newer players. The main weakness of the Valkyrie is its lifespan. It wears out fast and the new to beat transition can often happen during a single round. Due to this, I try to reserve throwing new/worn DX Valks for holes with an open fairway and that are too long for me to reach. I am in the process of experimenting with the SE Valkyrie to alleviate this concern.
Posted: 1-08-02
Submitted by Paul Wharton
The DX Valkryie flies far with very little effort. I use it on open holes where maximum distance is a plus. I avoid throwing the DX Valk on tight holes due to the rapid rate that the disc will become too under stable if subjected to a lot of tree bashing. I throw the less expensive version of the plastic because of the more grippy and added distance versus the more expensive (CE/SE) versions of the disc. The DX plastic is also much easier to sidearm than the CE and the Valkryie's distance allows me to sidearm some longer left to right baskets that most righties throw a turnover (trickier) shot on. The DX Valkryie is just as long distance-wise and more predictable than Discraft's Elite XS. The other plus is a worn DX Valkryie is a great first driver for a new player -- so where one out and pass it on to the next new player you see.
Posted: 7-23-01
Submitted by PNKGTR@aol.com
I'm an advanced primarily right-handed forehand thrower. The DX Valk is the only disc I have that I can throw into the wind and will go left at high speeds. I'm not sure that all DX Valks do this (more reviews needed) but I'm sure glad mine does. It also happens to fly further than anything else in my bag. It does get beaten up easily though...
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