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Type: Driver
Diameter: 21.2cm
Available Weights: 145-175g
Plastic: Innova DX

Flight Rating Category Value What Innova says:
The Viking is one of our most versatile distance drivers from start to finish. The Viking is a long straight flyer with a very predictable fade at the end of the flight. This is an excellent disc for throwing both side arm and backhand shots due to its easy grip and neutral flight. The Viking is perfect for holding long, line drive shots as well as graceful left or right turning shots.
Maximum Flight Speed NA
Resistance To High Speed Turn NA
Amount Of Low Speed Fade NA
Propensity To Fade NA
Glide NA
Relative Distance NA
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level NA
Predictability NA
Uniformity Of Break In Period NA
Overall Durability NA Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 02-09-08
Submitted by david luckyfut@gmail.com
Disc Weights: 172
Review: This Disc does everything I want it to do. Long Predictable Drives, great placement on approach shots, and even is a reliable Putter! I definately recommended giving this disc a try if you are a sidearm or overhand thrower...
Posted 02-07-08
Submitted by Grayson Middlebrook anarak82@hotmail.com
Location: Nacogdoches TX
Disc Weights: 170
Review: The Viking is supposed to be a more stable version of the valk, and for the most part it is.. It's a touch slower in my opinion, and does not have the glide potential and low ceiling capabilities of the Valk,, in the DX plastic, it flew well out of the box, but lost it's stablity pretty quick, and became warped and unpredictable.. The champ viking is my go to sidearm driver on shorter holes, and it keeps its stability a lot better than its DX couterpart.. backhand i can put it about 300ft while my valk can sometimes hit 350 on a good rip.. I've heard that the Viking was innova's response for a more stable less flippy valk, but it's one of their least popular discs because the released the beast about the same time..

The disc can handle the wind better than the valk, and has enough stablity to rip some predictable s-curves, but all in all i would say skip the DX version and go for the champ or star versions...
Posted 07-19-07
Submitted by Eric Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 250
Disc Weights: 147
Review: This was the first driver I bought, very economical. It flies straight, and does a pretty good S-curve from an anhyzer unless thrown too hard. Then, it tends to really hook right, especially with a lot of wear and tear.
Posted 08-16-06
Submitted by Egg Location: Fort Worth, TX
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 325
Disc Weights: 170
Review: I picked up a DX Viking on a whim, and boy was I surprised in this disc. This disc is great for both my backhand and sidearm thows. I love how this disc flys very low with little climb. Without a doubt this has been my best disc for strong head-winds. It is not my longest driver, but very straight and accurate, with a very slight fade at the end. The only problem is the plasic, one good hit and it is just not the same anymore... I will be on the look out for a Champion version.
Posted: 12-13-03
Submitted by Jaymo
I am an Am player RH (about 4-5 months) who used to play ultimate, so i have a decent arm already. After using the Beast for my first driver i was begining to be able to turn it way over even with a hyzer release; So I thought I would try the Viking (I got a 172). My initial few throws went wayyyyyyy right on a backhand but this was with a flat release. So i tried an Hyzer release, and i love it! It does a long straight (minor S-curve) bullet throw. so if you are looking for a disc that holds a really straight line down an open fairway and glides good, then this is the right disc. It doesnt have very much drop at the end, so I wouldnt compare it to a Firebird (because it doesnt have that crash at the end of its flight) but it does seem to handle wind well. All in all the Viking has found its way into my bag.
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