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Innova Champion

Type: Driver
Diameter: 21.7cm
Available Weights: 145-150, 165-180g
Plastic: Innova DX

Flight Rating Category Value What Innova says:
The Viper is an extremely stable to over-stable flier that is very reliable in all wind conditions. It is responsible for the popularity of the innova-tive 'flex shot" that starts high and turned over then ends up over-stable. It is easier to throw than smaller diameter discs.
Maximum Flight Speed NA
Resistance To High Speed Turn NA
Amount Of Low Speed Fade NA
Propensity To Fade NA
Glide NA
Relative Distance NA
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level NA
Predictability NA
Uniformity Of Break In Period NA
Overall Durability NA Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 04-25-07
Submitted by danhyzerbush PDGA: 31598
Location: Crescent City, CA
Disc Weights: 168
Review: My favorite disc. Once I get within approach range, I can hammer the Viper X consistently close to the pin. Also great for backhand approach shots into the wind (most days up here in Crescent City we have a strong gusty wind 20 to 30 mph as we are located near the ocean). I throw the hammer perpindicular to the horizon and release at 10 o'clock and aim to the left of the pin. The viper flips left then hooks back right landing with a bounce to the right. Even great for short forehand flicks. The Viper X never leaves my bag. The more beat up it gets, the farther if flys. Also great for pancake and right skiping shots when hammered at a 45 degree angle.
Posted 11-16-06
Submitted by Chyenne chyennemollohan@grandecom.net
Location: Austin
Level: Beginner
Avg Drive: 275
Disc Weights: 168
Review: This is one of the top five discs that I throw. Before I got it, I was fading hard on approaches over 150'. Now I am parking to save par. It has a similar feel to a distance driver with that edge so it is very comfortable. I tried to throw mid-rangers but the rounded edges are not comfy for a good 3 finger power grip. I have also lofted this disc annie to get a nice "s" that has birdied on several putts over 50' using a control grip. Very versatile and I can make it "S" with satisfying accuracy. A must have for new players.
Posted 10-15-06
Submitted by Chad Shreeve chadshreeve@hotmail.com
Location: Looeyville
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 400
Disc Weights: 170g-180g
Review: After I threw the FireBird and Xtreme molds, I knew I was hooked. I can throw 400ft almost anytime I want, especially RHBH. Not the Viper though. That's good, that's why I've bought and continue to buy it. I will use the FireBird for a LONG hyzer. Only because it's faster. I believe the true ratings of a DX MAXg Viper are as follows: +5.25 speed / +4 glide / +0.5125 turn / +3.865 fade. I remember when I started playing about 5 or 6 yrs ago...ALL the Pro and Advanced Ams that I wanted to throw like, were throwing Vipers and Rocs. I was excited about all the "new" plastic coming out, and I wanted to try that stuff. You know, KC Eagles, KC TeeBirds, etc, etc.. They all told me to keep a Viper and a Roc in my bag and I did. But I never threw the Rocs, I always threw the Vipers. I get some slack from people about not throwing Rocs, but it's not the driving or mid-range game that causes me trouble, it's the putting. I always wonder about the skill of the people writing these reviews, so here's mine: I can park just about any hole within 400ft / my putting is almost laughable sometimes / if I hit between 70%-80% of my 30 footers, I'm usually at 10-12 down at the end of the day, any given course / I only hit 70%-80% of my 30 ftrs about 3.865% of the time / No matter how good or bad my putting or driving is at ANY given course, I usually finish about even / I almost never shot over / I only shoot 10-15 under 5% of the time, but I DEFINETLY can. NOW ABOUT THE VIPER: It has more control than any other driver in my current and past bags. You can throw it 400ft if you wanted to, but you would have to burn up all your energy in one throw. So I choose a Wraith or a TeeRex for real distance. I LOVE the way the DX and Pro plastics beat up, so instead of throwing Rocs or Comets, I'm gonna throw lighter weight and beaten up Vipers. However, this isn't a good forehand disc. It's fat bead tends to catch on my finger. I usually use a FireBird or a Monster for RHFH 'air' shots. It's a pig of a disc though. It's not only an essential, but a requirement for "alotasnappy" throws. If you like the Viper the Gator...and Innova PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make the Champion or Pro Vipers more accessible.
Posted 10-08-05
Submitted by Russ
Location: Myrtle Beach, SC
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 200
Disc Weights: 167
Review: I've been playing regulerly now for a year. I have used this disc mainley as an 25+ disc. I have recently discovered your rating system, and I read that this driver is a good side arm disc (I like to throw backhand and sidearm) This disc was one of the first discs I ever bought a long time ago and today I realized this is an EXCELLENT Sidearm driver. I added at least 100' to my drive, without it even turning over. It has great control, even with my shakey release(I said I like throwing side arm, not that I was good at it) The viper will now be in the top choices of my drivers next to my Wraith. If you have this disc try it you could be surprised! One more thing I wrote down all the ratings on each of my discs Im chosing my discs differntly now.
Posted: 2-09-05
Submitted by Layne D
Disc: Innova Viper (170g)
I am an intermediate right-handed player with 10+ yrs of experience. I throw both side arm and overhand (pinch grip). I am the type of player that will go for a predictable drive and approach vs. trying for a very long drive. I no longer attempt super long drives as I have found the key to a good score isnít a monster drive but a reliable & predictable throw, I pride myself on having a very reliable approach shot. I use several disks for approaches, DX Viper (170), Champion Cobra (169), and Champion Stingray (165). I would like to mention I use a pinch grip and for me the Viper is my most comfortable disk although I only use it in specific conditions. Of all my disks the most wind resistant discs by far are the DX Viper (170) and my Champion Valkyrie (179). I have been throwing a Viper for years and have used many different weights; I currently throw a DX Viper (170). Although my 3 Valkyries are wind resistant they simply donít compare to the wind resistance of my Viper. In addition to being extremely wind resistant the DX Viper has an extreme and very noticeable fade. If you are trying to throw a driver straight or far this is not the driver for you. This disk only flies in an arc (fortunately itís a very predictable arc) and can reach medium drive distances. I consider this disk to be a specialty disk for going around obstacles or to be used for extremely windy conditions. There are many other drivers that are much better than the Viper for distance, but none compare in the wind. Iíll throw my Viper before any other disc for windy conditions. Although I have played with many friends that will throw a Viper side arm, I do not find my Viper comfortable for side arm throws (probably the weight). Occasionally I may use the Viper as a roller but there are better rollers available such as a Cobra or Wolf.
Posted: 4-19-03
Submitted by Hunter Anderson - <sla@cox-internet.com>
The Viper is a large diameter overstable disc. I have been playing for almost a year now and I find myself using my Viper for Tomahawk throws. It's the only throw I use my Viper for, and I can get amazing accuracy and consistency with this disc. Mine weighs 149 and I think that a lower weight would help better if you're looking for a great tomahawk disc.
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