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Innova Champion

Type: Midrange
Diameter: 21.2cm
Available Weights: 145-150, 165-175g
Plastic: Innova DX

Flight Rating Category Value What Innova says:
The XD has a low profile grip, which is secure but easy to release. It is the most driver-like putter we have and is useful for drives, approaches and putts.
Maximum Flight Speed NA
Resistance To High Speed Turn NA
Amount Of Low Speed Fade NA
Propensity To Fade NA
Glide NA
Relative Distance NA
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level NA
Predictability NA
Uniformity Of Break In Period NA
Overall Durability NA Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 08-10-05
Submitted by Robb ryandian@grace-fellowship.org
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 325
Disc Weights: 172
Review: Like the other reviewers before me, I've gone through several putters: soft challenger, DX Rhyno, champion Rhyno, dhampion Aviar, Birdie...the XD is by FAR the best putter I've ever used. It's enough like a driver or midrange that you can throw it 200-250' But, like the previous review said, it is very predictable around the basket. If released flat and straight at the basket, it will hit the chains dead center. The overstability doesn't make it fade left unless you're putting beyond 20-25'. But even at that, it's a predictable fade. The thing I love most about it is it's low profile. The rim is not deep at all. With deep-rimmed putters, I tend to get my fingers caught right on the lower lip of the rim and it makes my putts go right. But with the XD, I always get a very clean, predictable release. I can grab a stack of putters, stand 35 feet away, and putt them all in succession, and invariably the XD's are most commonly the ones sitting in the basket when I'm done. As to them not sticking in the chains...whatever. In my experience, I've found that stickiness of plastic has little to do with a putt going in. If you use a really sticky plastic and hit the chains on the left side of the basket (RHBH), it will tend to throw it out. The most important thing is where you hit the chains, which requires a predictable release and flight path, both of which the XD provides better than any other putter.
Posted 08-05-05
Submitted by Alan Sweeton afsweeton@liberty.edu
PDGA: 22691
Location: Princeton, NJ and Lynchburg, VA
Level: Advanced Am
Avg Drive: 325-350
Disc Weights: 172
Review: Although Innova touts the XD as "the most driver like of its putters" and recommends it mainly for approach shots, I couldn't help but notice that all the reviews here are people who use it for putting. While I do use my XD for a lot of approach shots, I must say that I could not agree more with its use as a putter. I've been playing for about 3 years now and am right in between Intermediate and Advanced Am, although I ususally play Advanced to play with better players. I've tried putting with almost everything you can think of -- Ching Tank, Aviar, JK Aviar, KC Aviar, Rhyno -- they've all had a place in my putter pocket at one time or another. But they all required throwing it with a certain angle; most of them work best for a slight hyzer putt, and I didn't like that. I started using the XD and I can just throw straight now! I can throw right at the basket and the XD goes straight. I hit my putts much more consistently now, even longer putts, because I'm running straight at the basket and not worrying about the angle of the disc. I don't usually go too far past either because if I miss I'm typically right on line but low. I love this disc because it's hard and it flies straight -- many people will cite that as its disadvantage saying that it doesn't stick in the chains well because its hard. I will concede that point, but if you can't get to the basket in the first place than it doesn't matter how well the disc sticks. So go out and get an XD and improve that short game with this straight flyer.
Posted: 8-03-05
Submitted by Ryan
Level: Beginner
Avg Drive: 275-300
Disc Weights: 173g
Review: This putter just took my game to a new level. If your just a normal, recreational player like me I'd highly suggest this disc. This is my first full year playing and I'm a fairly hard backhand thrower. I prefer heavier discs and I had a hard time controling my release with an 165g Aviar, but this putter goes exactly where I want with no fade at all!!! Want to throw a backhand curve that holds a steady line... use the XD. Want to throw a straight shot thru the trees... use the XD. Want to make syour putt from 25 feet... use the XD! I used to average about +5 on a nine hole round... not anymore. Just got this putter today and shot a -1!!!! I was using it for almost every shot since the course I play is about 200-350' a hole and pretty tight.

So if you'd consider yourself an average player fork out $14 and get yourself 2.
Posted: 12-23-04
Submitted by Gabe House gabehouse@hotmail.com
The XD is often touted as a mid-range, however I use this as my primary putter. I bounced back and forth between the Aviar, Birdie, Rhyno, even the Classic Roc and finally settled on the predictability of the XD. It does fade fairly hard left if you leave it up in the air too long, but I find a strong putt straight at the chains released flat or with very slight hyzer requires almost no correction for the fade. The plastic feels sorta gummy/rubbery but the flight plate is pretty stiff, adding more stability than you would see with a Supersoft or Blowfly. When it misses and hits the basket, it usually sits close by. I have rarely ever seen it get up on edge and roll away, even on slopes. I guess the basic reason this disc became my favorite putter is the consistent release I get with it. It rests well along my hand and the tackiness is just enough to hold it in my hand until I open my fingers. I putt fairly level. The disc never gets more than about 4-6 inches above the basket during the flight. With this style, I found myself either completely missing the basket left (KC Aviar), or turning the disc over too much (Classic Roc). I found myself constantly having to adjust the angle of release to compensate for the stability (or lack thereof) of the putter. It appears to me that each disc has a "window of stability" within which it will hold a true line. For me, the XD's window is between 0 and 30 ft.
Posted: 10-21-03
Submitted by HipHopWong
I'm an intermediate to advanced right handed Amateur. When I first held this disc I thought to myself, "what the hell is this?". I had thought that putters were supposed to be slow discs with a deep rim. The XD is a flat shallow rimmed putter that Innova describes as their most driver like putter available. I'm finding more and more players are using the XD putter and I'm starting to learn why. I mainly putt with Rhyno's but always carry an XD in my bag as an alternate. The reason this disc is in my bag is that it is even a better windy putter than a Rhyno because it's even flatter and lower profile. In extreme windy situations this is the only putter you want to throw.
I now practice putting with Rhyno's and XD's. The funny thing about playing on the course vs. practicing in your back yard is that most people don't throw drivers in their back yard. I believe many players run into trouble on the course when they switch discs between shots. What happens is that your hand gets comfortable with the feel of a particular disc and then when you switch, it throws off your feel. I now understand that the beauty of the XD is that it is the most "driver like" putter available. When you are playing a round on the course sometimes a deeper rimmed disc like a putter just doesn't feel right in your hand. How many times have you missed your putt and then grabbed your driver and threw it right in? The XD solves that problem. The XD feels like a driver and so when on the course, it tends to blend in and feel like the other discs you throw. Sometimes the transition between a driver and a putter is too drastic resulting in a missed putt.
The XD is also an excellent short driver and has replaced my Roc on shorter drives and approaches. This disc tends to be overstable when new and breaks in slow and straightens out nicely.

Posted: 11-11-02
Submitted by Anonymous
The majority of holes on my home course are fairly short (220-260 ft. range), but the fairways are narrow and tree-lined. Accuracy is of utmost importance, because if you stray off the fairway, then you're probably going to have some trees to deal with. So, let's say that you're out playing, and maybe you're not fully warmed up, or perhaps you're starting to get tired, and your drive strays off course and hits a tree. Now you're in a bad mood, because this last drive hasn't helped your score any. You pick up your disc: it's slightly bent and there's a new gash in it. Now you're even in a worse mood. You try and size up your next throw, but you can barely see the chains because there's trees in your way, and in order to still make par, you're going to have to come up with something pretty heroic to save the day. Ever been there? Well, I can tell you over a number of years of serious recreational playing, that one disc has bailed me out of more trouble--the Innova XD! I carry three different weights in my bag (150g, 165g, and 175g), and I choose one depending on the wind conditions. Whenever I need to throw a 150 ft. strike by threading my disc between a bunch of trees, then this is my favorite choice. Over the years, I've also tried a number of different putters. Once it finally dawned on me that I should be using my most consistently accurate disc for putting as well as approach shots, then I started making longer putts and became more confident in my putting. Now, there are a lot of fans of the ROC, and I carry one with me too. But, I find that on the majority of holes at my local course that the overstability of the ROC is often enough to fade it off the fairway--that's how narrow they are. I have one of just about every disc that Innova makes, often in more than one weight, although not necessarily in all types of plastic. I consider myself an Innova man, and whenever I have a need for their straightest flying approach disc, then this is the disc for me!
Posted: 07-16-01
Submitted by Flathead777@aol.com
OK the XD is the best putter I have found. I have used everything in this arena. The aviar is not even close to this one. Small and predictable, it will fly flat or turn whichever I choose. I putt by holding the disc in my right hand hanging by my right leg then reach back slightly behind my right side and bring it up, flatten it out in front of me fairly hard and fast. The XD levels out when it leaves my hand and I am having much success with this technique. People comment on how amazing this looks but I have tried every style and this feels natural and like I am not forcing it. I think I get leverage this way and I use less legs and back muscles. The XD is perfect for this. It took time to develop this but it is paying off. I give credit to the XD!!
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