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Scream DT

Type: Driver
Diameter: 21.0cm
Available Weights: 140-175g
Plastic: SRP

Flight Rating Category Value What Gateway says:
Maximum Flight Speed na
Resistance To High Speed Turn na
Amount Of Low Speed Fade na
Propensity To Fade na
Glide na
Relative Distance na
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level na
Predictability na
Uniformity Of Break In Period na
Overall Durability na Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 04-17-08
Submitted by Power Flicker kuritsubaji@yahoo.com
Disc Weights: 165
Review: If you're looking for an understable driver that cuts through a headwind, this is it. Caution: this disc is VERY understable right out of the box. I you're staring down a 15mph wind, shoot this disc at it with a LOT of hyzer and it will flip to flat and plow right through it. I don't think 'air bounce' is in this discs vocabulary. 'Scream' is a bit of a misnomer; they should call it the 'Sizzler'. With a lot of power behind it, this hisses like a pissed off cobra.
Posted 08-30-06
Submitted by Joshua jdmbird83@gmail.com
Location: Columbus, OH
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 250
Disc Weights: 172
Review: This disc was very interesting out of the box. I got it in the mail by ordering from www.questat.com. Has dimples in the center on the top of the disc, and then also on the bottom around the outer rim of the disc. First Throw, Anhyzered quickly to the left (I throw RHFH) into a nice long controlled roll... Second Throw, I threw it a little higher in the air, it anhyzered left a littlebit, and when it went to fade right, it pointed almost straight down at the ground for a finish directly center of where I aimed it. I also tried a thumber, didn't really like the flight on this, but when I threw a tommy with my thumb on the outside, and forefinger on the inside of the rim, as it was nearing it's downward flight, it did a complete flip and a half, landing directly in front of me instead of veering off to the left at the end of the flight. Perfect for throwing tommy if you want it to land straight. Haven't been able to test it in the wind yet. That is what this disc is supposed to be built for.
Posted 08-20-06
Submitted by Zack Roehr
Scream DT
The Scream discs with "dimples" I must say however I am extremely dissappointed with. These discs are falsely represented, and poorly manufactured. To say that these discs have "dimples" simply is not correct. Its very easy to tell that smooth dimple shapes were not molded into the plastic at all, but rather circular plastic lumps were molded right on top of the existing disc shape. This totally defeats the purpose of having dimples. It changes the shape of the flight wing and actually adds drag rather than taking it away. Its not a Scream disc with dimples in the plastic, but some new ugly creation with a different profile entirely.
Posted 08-02-06
Submitted by dgdavedg davidkpoe@yahoo.com
Disc Weights: 175
Review: This is a fast small very long driver. You need some height to get the full impact of this disc. Its a flip hyzer flies straight disc that goes a long time. The glide on this disc is very pretty. I recommend this one
Posted 08-02-06
Submitted by dgdavedg davidkpoe@yahoo.com
Disc Weights: 175
Scream Double Bead
Review: This is a long range small diameter driver that is a scream mold but it has two beads on the bottom of the rim. I'm not for sure how the double bead works but it does! The top is totally flat unlike the regular scream. It is super fast, just like a spirit. If you let this thing go with a hyzer it flips flat and slightly fades right the glides forever before coming back left at the end. Another great disc from gateway
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