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Player Throw Analysis
Ron Russell
Posted: 7-29-02
PDGA # 9999 My Comments:
Ron Russell is a touring pro and was the 1999 PDGA World Champion and 1995 PDGA Rookie of the Year. Ron throws Discraft discs and generally throws hyzer air bounces with the bent elbow technique. While he's not known for his power, Ron can get the disc out there well over 400' and is one of the most consistent players in the game generally finishing near the top in both points and money winnings.

Featured Techniques:
  • Drive
  • Putt
  • Division Pro Open
    Location Boca Raton, FL
    Throw Style Backhand
    Main Driver Cyclone
    Avg Drive D

    Ron Russell Ron Russell Ron Russell
    Ron starts his throw with a few lead in steps but his final 3 steps are that of a traditional X-step. These frames show the first step of the X-step. Ron's leading steps get him going quite fast as he enters his X-step and the step with his right foot is fairly light in order to keep his momentum going.

    Ron Russell Ron Russell Ron Russell
    Ron stays very light on his cross-step and is able to carry a lot of forward momentum leading up to the plant. He also keeps his head at almost the same level all the way through his X-step. This helps to ensure balance and control as well as prevent bouncing that can occur and steal momentum. At this point Ron's hips are starting to close and this is at the beginning of the shoulder rotation away from the target.

    Ron Russell Ron Russell Ron Russell
    At this point Ron is at the peak of his backswing. His hips are closed and his shoulders are rotated away from the target. Ron uses his off arm a little to pull his left shoulder back. Ron's weight is over his back foot and ready to transfer over to his front foot when it plants for the pivot. Ron is a bent elbow thrower and his arm is bent at the elbow. His reach back is more of a reach with the elbow rather than the disc. Ron throws mainly hyzers and here you can see he has the disc oriented with his wrist and forearm in its launch position and his elbow is lower than the disc aiding in the hyzer line.

    Ron Russell Ron Russell Ron Russell
    Here Ron has planted his pivot foot 90 degrees from the target with a bent knee and has started the opening of his hips and weight transfer to the plant foot. His off arm is now against his body so his shoulders can rotate faster. This is the very start of his pull and the disc is close to his chest.

    Ron Russell Ron Russell Ron Russell
    Ron's hips have now exploded open and leading his shoulder rotation. His off arm is tight against his body and the disc is coming through close to his chest. His plant foot has begun its pivot and his weight is transferred over it. This is right before the hit.

    Ron Russell Ron Russell Ron Russell
    This is immediately after the hit. Ron has completed his pivot with his foot pointing at the target. His shoulders have fully opened and his elbow is fully extended leading into his follow-through. His weight is fully over his front foot and his off arm is still close to his body. Ron also throws his drives with an air bounce so his palm is pointed down, indicative of a wrist roll under. His left shoulder has dropped lower which aids his hyzer line.

    Ron Russell Ron Russell Ron Russell
    Ron has a very strong follow-through and his shoulders and arm continue moving well after the hit. His off arm has now left the side of his body to help slow his shoulders down.

    Ron Russell Ron Russell Ron Russell
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    This is at the end of Ron's follow-through and his left leg has stepped through the pivot to remove stress on the knee as his momentum continues forward.

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