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Old News and Updates - 2001
News: I have posted the first of the video reviews. More should come later in the week. I have the disc ratings done for the first batch of discs. If anyone is interested in what I have come up with so far, feel free to drop me an email and I can send you a spreadsheet document with what I have completed so far. Haven't had anyone submit any new reviews lately, so if you found some new plastic under the X-Mas tree and would like to share your experiences with it, please do so.
New Reviews:
  • 1999 PDGA World Disc Golf Championship Video
    News: I apologize for the lack of reviews. I haven't had much time lately and when I don't have time to play, I don't have time to learn new discs, and when I don't learn new discs there aren't any new reviews. It's winter now and I don't forsee any more rounds until mid January at the earliest. I have, however, decided to add a few new categories and things I can review without having to play. I have added a little bit to the bags section that might be helpful for those first-time bag buyers as well as a spot for bag addons, such as dual straps, umbrella holders, etc.. Also, look for reviews of disc golf videos in the near future. I have added the section but it's late tonight so there aren't any reviews yet, but look for them coming in the next few days. I have decided to work more with the ratings system, so a few early drafts might be popping up here in the next few weeks. Hopefully people will be able to send in some reviews of disc-related Christmas gifts this coming week.
    News: Got a couple of new reviews up for today. Havn't had a chance to review the SE Valk yet but I will hopefully get that done before x-mas break. It looks like the disc rating system is dead for now. I will try to resurrect it in the spring. Here is one last peek at it in case you havn't seen it yet. I am still open to comments on it. On a side note, I'm now a PDGA member, #20001 (had to pay extra to pick my number).
    New Reviews:
  • DGA M-14 Basket
  • SkySouth Large Bag
    New Reviews:
  • Innova Gator - Submitted by David Swartwood
    News: I hope to get a review posted for my M-14 basket soon as well as the SE Valkyrie when my order arrives. I have taken up a rather ambitious universal disc rating system that should get underway in the next month or two. I need help gauging some benchmarks, you can read about it here. New Reviews:
  • Innova Gator - Submitted by Chris Cauble
  • Innova Panther - Submitted by Chris Cauble
  • Innova Eagle - Submitted by Chris Cauble
    News: Havn't had much time to go learn new plastic, so I apologize for the lack of disc reviews. I posted a review of the GDS Player bag today and I got an DGA M-14 Basket today that I will be reviewing shortly. School has me quite busy so I don't think I will have much time to learn new discs, please keep submitting reviews so I can post some new material :) . On a side note, I have recently made a revision to my throwing motion that has upped my average distance by quite a bit. I'm now consistently hitting 360-380' with a DX Valkyrie, 280-310' with a CE Roc, and 250-280' with a KC Aviar. I have however, taken up a rather ambitious universal disc rating system that should get underway in the next month or two. I need help gauging some benchmarks, you can read about it here. New Reviews:
  • Gateway Disc Sports Player Bag
    News: Sorry for the lack of news in the news department, nothing new has really been happening as of late. I will say that the 4th run of CE Valkyries are as good as the 1st run, so if you haven't experienced either run you might want to pick one up while they are still available.
    New Reviews:
  • Discraft Elite Pro Xtra - Submitted by Paul Wharton
    New Reviews:
  • Discraft Elite Z MRV - Submitted by Paul Wharton
  • Innova Dragon - Submitted by David Swartwood
  • Discraft Stratus - Submitted by Scott Miller
  • Discraft Elite Pro X2 - Submitted by Scott Miller
  • Innova CE Teebird - Submitted by Scott Miller
  • Millennium JLS - Submitted by Scott Miller
  • Innova KC Teebird - Submitted by Scott Miller
  • Gateway Sabre - Submitted by Scott Miller
  • Gateway Apache - Submitted by Scott Miller
    New Reviews:
  • Innova Gazelle - Submitted by David Swartwood
    New Reviews:
  • Innova Roc - Submitted by Scott Miller
  • Innova Shark - Submitted by Scott Miller
  • Innova Cobra - Submitted by Scott Miller
  • Innova Stingray - Submitted by Scott Miller
  • Discraft Elite Z MRV - Submitted by Scott Miller
  • Discraft Elite Z XS - Submitted by Scott Miller
  • Discraft Elite Pro Xpress - Submitted by Scott Miller
  • Discraft Elite Pro XS - Submitted by Scott Miller
  • Discraft Elite Z Reaper - Submitted by Scott Miller
    News: I've only been getting in about 1 round a week but I have some time off from school soon so hopefully I will get a chance to throw more. I've gotten about 8 friends playing disc golf at the college I attend and it's been a lot of fun watching them progress as the weeks have passed. Only 1 new review as of now but I'm going to be taking some Z plastic out to the course next week as I'm frustrated with the current selection of overstable drivers in non-premium plastic. I've been killing KC Firebirds and EXP1's on trees left and right. On an upside, my average distance is now around 360' making these past few frustrating months worthwhile. More and more often I'm breaking 380' and I feel that a consistent 400' is within grasp :)
    New Reviews:
  • Innova Aviar Driver
    News: I had my longest throw ever today at around 425' with an Archangel. I hope to get more time to play and write more reviews soon. Keep checking back or e-mail some encouragement to get in gear and get some new reviews up :)
    New Reviews:
  • Innova Archangel
    News: Sorry for the long time between updates. Classes have kept me busy and I havn't had the time to throw enough to really try out new plastic. A bunch of new discs have come out and I will try to get to reviewing them soon.
    New Reviews:
  • Discraft Elite Z Reaper
    News: As I suspected the crunch of classes has set in. It looks like I will be managing my time well enough to throw a round or two a week, so that is good. I am not sure if I will be able to post any reviews for a while but I will definately try to add to other areas of the site. I am in the process of learning how to throw a "Norelco" and I will try to post that when I feel like I have perfected it.
    New Reviews:
  • Discraft Elite Pro MRX Submitted by Andy Newberry
    News: School is getting started and I havn't been able to play as much as I would have liked to but hopefully that will change. I got my pictures back that I took at the Pro Worlds and they didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped they would have but I will try to scan and post the ones that came out clear in the next couple of days.
    New Reviews:
  • Innova Special Edition Soft Rhyno Submitted by Andy Newberry
    News: I threw my first round at Milo McIver park today. I had a pretty poor round, +8 through 18, 0 birdies. Looks like I need to bag the candy plastic again in favor of more forgiving discs, I'm getting sick of these inconsistent "dead arm" days.
    New Reviews:
  • Millennium Polaris LS
  • Millennium Polaris LF
  • Discraft Hawk Submitted by Morgan MacLeod
    News: I've begun my quest to integrate myself into a disc golf scene and I joined Portland's Breakaway Disc Club yesterday. I'll be throwing at Milo McIver State Park's disc golf course in Estacada, OR tomorrow morning. I'm looking forwards to checking out the courses in the area. Added what might be my last review for a while, although I hope I will have more time than I'm expecting to have once classes start. Also, If i get a digital camera I will be adding pictures of discs including profile shots as well as pictures of grips etc. I'll have to see how my money situation holds out. I'm debating entering my first tournament soon... not sure yet.
    New Reviews:
  • Lightning #2 Driver
    News: Well, 1775 miles later I'm out in Portland. If anyone is in the area and would like to throw a round, drop me an e-mail. The worlds were great to watch. Aside from being a little behind schedule it was very entertaining, congrats to Cameron Todd and Juliana Korver on their world championships. I'm going to throw a couple of courses in the area this weekend and I am quite excited, even debating competing in my first tournament. My semester starts soon so I may not have time to review many more discs over the next few months. I will do my best though. I will be posting pictures from the Pro Worlds as soon as I get the film developed.
    New Reviews:
  • Discraft Elite Z Xtra
  • Discraft Elite Z XS Submitted by Andy Newberry
    News: I'm looking forwards to the Worlds finals this weekend before I move, it should be fun. The downside is that I am moving and probably will not be able to play as much as I want to for the next 9 months. I have posted 2 new reviews, sorry they weren't any of those I said I would. I've been working on my throw more than I have been anything else. The upside is, I've finally learned how to putt!
    New Reviews:
  • Innova CE Aviar
  • Gateway Disc Sports Deluxe Weekend Bag
    News: I got back from the 2001 Pro Worlds flymart a little while ago and I picked up a bunch of stuff. The CE Roc is now my favorite overall disc and I loaded up to brace for the lack of them in years to come. I had a chance to check out the CE Cheetah prototypes, Elite Z Cyclone prototypes as well as the prototypes for the Reaper and I picked up an Elite Z Reaper. I'm going to try out some new mechanics tweaks in my throw tomorrow and I'll try to use the time to learn some discs I've really been meaning to. I've thrown a bunch of my new stuff but I can't seem to get a consistent throw with a lot of it and I don't feel comfortable trying to describe it yet. Discs on the agenda include: CE Eagle, CE Aviar, JLS, and all of the Elite Z Drivers. Hopefully the new tweaks to my throw will help me add snap without having to overexert. I've added the new discs to the list, hopefully I will get some reviews to go with those soon.
    News: I'm very tired right now but updating anyways. I've added a ton to the beginners tips page and added a disc selection guide. I'm going to the first Fly Mart for the 2001 Pro Worlds later today, if anyone reads this who will be there, if you see an asian guy with a pierced eyebrow and nose don't be afraid to come say hi. I am currently in the process of trying to take this site to the next level. To do that I will need a a person or two representing various levels of disc golf from both male and female standpoints i.e. pro men/women, am men/women, beginner men/women, forehand throwers, etc. that can regularly submit reviews and help contribute to the site in various ways. This might reap some benefits for those involved in the longrun. If you are interested, please e-mail me and tell me a little about yourself and your game. I will hopefully get some more reviews up later this week.
    News: Threw my first round with a CE Roc and I've posted a review for that. Havn't gotten around to typing up the beginner's tips yet but I'll try to add some content to that section later today. I finally learned how to pitch putt as well as throw forehand. I also picked up a JB Signature Stratus the other day to try as a turnover/roller disc, looks like it's going to be a roller disc as it seems to turn too far and end up rolling no matter what I want it to do. I will review that after I throw it some more. Looks like I'll be throwing Kaposia Park in St. Paul today hopefully I'll bump into some of the worlds players who've arrived early.
    New Reviews
  • Innova Scorpion Submitted by Tom Thomas
  • Innova CE Roc
  • Gateway Disc Sports Tour Bag
    News: Havn't gotten around to writing any new reviews yet, but i've gotten a slew of new discs as of late and a new bag. My CE Rocs arrived today and I will be taking them out to throw tomorrow. I picked up a couple of SE TL's as well and a JB Stratus to try as a roller. A little bit of info... the latest runs of KC plastic have a blend of 50% CE plastic in them. However, the latest runs of CE plastic are opaque and feel a lot like KC plastic but I'm not sure about the resiliance. Also of note, I was at Gotta Go Gotta Throw today and I saw the Elite Z Cyclones they will be selling at the Worlds, only 51 were run, and 50 will be sold @$30 ea. They have a "ghost" stamp that is clear and raised up from the flight plate... not sure if that will be more than just a collector disc. I did some experimenting and learned how to dye discs yesterday, I have added a "how to" page about dyeing discs and a tips for beginners section, hopefully that will make up for my lack of reviews. If anyone wants to share their method of making dyed discs or beginner tips, I will post those as well.
    News: A couple of new reviews for today. Finally I've got my throw fixed, had my best round of the year yesterday. Unfortunatey I've had to stop carrying my CE Plastic except for the Firebird. My release was just too inconsistent, I'm in the market for a new distance driver now, I havn't found anything that could match the 400' rips I was getting with the CE Valkyrie and CE Teebird, but my average distance and accuracy has improved now that I've moved back to KC stuff. If anyone has a recommendation I'm all ears. I'm thinking about the SE Teebird TL, the KC Eagle turns a little too much for me, but I don't quite have the snap to throw a KC Teebird or SE Teebird T like i want to. Just for the record, I made a list of all the discs I've owned yesterday and it came to 118 since I started playing in march of 2000 (this does not include discs I have on order). I think I have taken the phrase "obsessive-compulsive" to the next level.
    New Reviews
  • Innova Birdie Submitted by Kevin Hagen
  • Discraft Elite Pro MRX Submitted by Paul Wharton
    News: It's been very windy here lately and I havn't gotten around to reviewing the Z plastic yet. I have however, fixed my throw for the time being and I should be able to get some more reviews in soon. Also, I got 2 CE Aviars today and I should have those reviewed after the next round or two that i throw. I posted my first basket review today as well.
    New Reviews
  • Dolf 16 Chain Hole Basket
    News: I met "Lightnin'" Lyle Jensen today on a local course. A very nice guy, was friendly and extremely helpful when I asked him if he'd critique my throw. This was my first experience meeting a pro and I must say it was extremely pleasant. Hopefully I'll be consistent and confident enough to start playing some Am tournaments next summer.
    New Reviews
  • Innova Cheetah - Submitted by Biologist7000@aol.com
  • Discraft Elite Pro XL
    News: I didn't get a chance to try out some of my newer discs like I thought I would but hopefully I will have a chance to by the end of the week. I'm starting to run out of discs I really know to review, hopefully I won't end up treading water here. Also, my email was down on the 24th from morning until around 6 pm CST, so I may not have received things sent in that time frame.
    New Reviews
  • Discraft Elite Pro XS - Submitted by Biologist7000@aol.com
  • Discraft Elite Pro MRX
  • Discraft Rattler
    News: My email has been down for the first half of today, if you sent something before around 6pm CST please send again. I'm hoping to take some discs up to the field this evening and review them later tonight.
    New Reviews
  • Innova CE Leopard - Submitted by Skyethediscguy
    News: I threw a severly awful round on saturday. I know what I'm doing wrong, I just have to get it worked out with some practice. I plan on bringing a bag of Elite Z plastic up to the park later this week and learning the discs so hopefully I will have more reviews up soon. I will continue to post submitted reviews as I receive them. Also, I am going to be opening a profiles page soon for people who have sent in 5 or more reviews where they can tell a little about themselves and promote any clubs/organizations or tournaments etc. that they would like to.
    New Reviews
  • Innova CE Firebird - Submitted by Jake Goodhue
  • Innova Valkyrie - Submitted by PNKGTR@aol.com
    News: I'm getting kind of scared that I'm running out of discs I know well to write about. I might have to run up to the park with my bag of lesser thrown discs to get some more material. Maybe when/if it cools off a little bit this weekend. 95 degrees + 90% humidity is just awful. Now's a good time to submit a review for the site... well any time is a good time I just don't want the site to end up treading water :)
    New Reviews
  • Innova KC Roc
  • Innova KC Eagle
    News: Not much new on this front. Have several bag reviews posted now. I have tweaked the format a little in the past few days and hopefully it's a little easier to view and manuver. I'm hoping my logo graphic gets a couple of laughs as it's pretty crappy but was 20 minutes worth of fun to make. I will be leaving a couple of days worth of new reviews on the main page but day by day additions will still be listed on the news page.
    New Reviews
  • Innova Banshee - Submitted by Danny Schrider #15505
  • Wall City Round Bag - Submitted by Flathead777@aol.com
    News: Well, I'm happy to say the ball has gotten rolling on a course for my city. It's still far from being finished conceptually but if everything falls into place action might be taken by the fall. I posted the first bag review today, thanks Woody. Still trying to get opinions if people think I should give throwing left-handed a shot instead of learning a forehand.
    New Reviews
  • Innova JK Pro Aviar
  • Lightning Tour Special Bag
  • Lightning Prostyle Bag
  • Tommovations Thro and Go Bag - Submitted by Woody Cheek
    News: I'm in the process of trying to propose a disc golf course to the suburb I live in. If you are in the Minneapolis area and are interested in being involved, please drop me an email. Even if you aren't in the Minneapolis area and would like to give me some tips on tracking down course design, budget info etc. my ear is more than willing to listen. Also, I got a chance to really get out and throw my CE Firebird tonight so I wrote a review on it. Also wrote a review on one of my very first golf discs for nostalgia's sake. Also going through a debate right now after having some inconsistencies with my turnover shots. Should I stick it out, learn to throw forehand, or learn to throw left handed? The left-handed thing isn't as odd as it might seem, I tore a rotator cuff about 8 years ago in baseball and played a season in the field throwing lefty. The #2 Flyer review reminded me of this. I was messing around at a soccer field with a few discs and I ended up throwing over 200 feet left handed 4 throws in a row with the old #2.
    New Reviews
  • Innova CE Firebird
  • Innova SE Teebird
  • Lightning #2 Flyer
  • GDS Blaze - Submitted by Paul Wharton
    News: Wow, I got back home and found my mailbox full of reviews. Thank you for contributing.
    New Reviews
  • Ching Bomb Submitted by Flathead777@aol.com
  • Millennium Polaris LS Submitted by Flathead777@aol.com
  • Innova Whippet Submitted by Flathead777@aol.com
  • Innova XD Submitted by Flathead777@aol.com
  • Innova Roc Classic Submitted by Flathead777@aol.com
  • Lightning #1 Driver Submitted by Flathead777@aol.com
    News: I have added pages for Disc Baskets and Targets and Disc Golf Bags. If you do submit a basket or bag review, please include as much information as possible as I will probably not be spending as much time on those until I get more disc reviews done.
    New Reviews
  • Discraft Elite Z MRV
  • Discraft Elite Pro MRV - Submitted by Paul Wharton
  • Innova Special Edition Leopard - Submitted by lolly@texas.net
  • Discraft Elite Pro Xtreme - Submitted by PNKGTR@aol.com
    News: I'm thinking about expanding the site and am looking for some input, i have the info on the main page. If you have any thoughts on this, please drop me an email. I added a java chatroom for this site. You don't need any additional software. Click here to chat if you have questions or comments for me or are bored and looking to kill some time, i will be under the name 'zentropa'.
    New Reviews
  • Innova KC Pro Aviar
  • Innova Champion Edition Teebird
  • Ching Tank - Submitted by Edward Forstoffer III
  • Innova Champion Spider - Submitted by Chris Cauble
    News: It's 4:30am and I just got back from hanging out with one of my local friends I disc golf with and I thought I'd share something I find amusing, although it might just be that I'm very tired. I was talking to him about my website and seeing if he wanted to write a review or two when he reminded me of something that I had pointed out to him last summer. We were at a local park practicing our throws and it was the first time I had thrown with him. His first throw was an XL, it went in a perfectly straight line around 295 feet. His next throw was an X2, it went in a perfectly straight line and landed 2 feet away from his XL. He then proceded to throw a Stokely X-Clone, a KC Banshee, a Cyclone, a #2 Slice, and finally an Aurora MS. There was a cluster of discs on the ground within a 5 foot radius, at around the 295 ft. mark in a perfectly straight line between where we threw from and the distant tree we were using as aim reference; all had flown with the exact same flight path. I found this odd. Then, to top it off, he pulled out an Omega Driver and threw it. It landed on top of one of the other discs. He decided it probably wouldn't be a good idea to write a review until he retools his throw and is able to get discs to fly like they are "suppsed to" instead of exactly the same. Another odd story about his throwing... once we threw a round and he missed every single putt in the 12-25 foot range. He did however make a shot from 45 feet, a shot from 60 feet, and 2 from 80+. Back to site news, I will try to write a couple of reviews this afternoon and I've been contacted by a few people who said they will be sending in some reviews, so hopefully I will have something new to post later today. Oh yah, on an upside, a kind player emailed me about a post I made on the pdga message board regarding my throwing technique and I fixed my drive problem!
    New Reviews
  • Millennium EXP1
  • Millennium Sentinel MF
    News: Ugh, I played the worst round of my life today (and I'm not exaggerating). Figured I'd type up a few reviews now that I've stopped bleeding from the thorn bushes my CE Eagle nestled into after a roller that just kept going and going and going... I also learned that I can't grip the Elite Z plastic well at all so I don't know if I'll get a chance to write decent reviews on any of them. Glad I figured this out after I bought 4 of them and threw each of them about 5 times. Sorry for the sarcasm, I'm a little frustrated at the moment. I'd like to thank everyone that's emailed me and given me support for maintaining this site, it keeps me going, even on days I'm almost ready to quit playing :)
    New Reviews
  • Innova KC Pro Firebird
  • Innova Special Edition Super Roc
  • Innova Champion Edition Valkyrie
    News: Made a slight modification to the discs pages. Also, if there is demand, I will add a page for reviews of disc catchers and general overviews of the different plastics used by each manufacturer i.e. Innova's DX/SE/KC/CE, Discraft's Standard/HD/Elite Pro/Elite Z, etc.. Please send me an email if you would like to see this or you would like to contribute towards these. First player submitted reviews are up today as well. Thanks for the comments those who have emailed me.
    New Reviews
  • GDS Demon - Submitted by Jeff Cowley
  • Discraft Swirl APX - Submitted by Paul Wharton
  • Innova KC Pro Whippet X
  • Discraft Ron Russell Signature Comet
    News: I am very happy to see that I have gotten about 40 hits in the past several days and I hope to see more as the days go by. I'm still waiting to be accepted to the disc golf web ring and trying to get yahoo to add my page but no luck yet. I've slowed down a bit as I have been busy lately but I will keep adding reviews as I have time to type them up. Still havn't received any disc reviews from anyone else, but I hope that changes :)
    New Reviews
  • Discraft Elite Pro APX
  • Millennium Aurora MS
    News: Still trying to get the word out about the page and get some more reviews written. I hope to keep going at 2-5 per day until it's filled.
    New Reviews
  • Innova KC Pro Gazelle
  • Innova KC Pro Teebird
    News: I have finished the basic pages. Check back often for new reviews as I will be typing them up for the 80+ golf discs I currently own or have owned. Please submit any reviews you would like to type up, it will help fill up the review pages more quickly. Thanks.
    New Reviews
  • Innova Special Edition Leopard
  • Discraft Elite Pro X2
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